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Formative assessment


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Formative assessment

  1. 1. Formative Assessment State Report Presentation In beginning this project, I will have a lot of background knowledge information to cover. We will discuss how to choose website as resources. Students will learn to determine how credible a website is. I will take the students to a few of the best research sites using the LCD projector and my laptop. I will create a reference guide for them. It will list the sites that we discussed as well as some searching tips. We will also review the rubric for the research portion. Secondly, we will review how to take notes from research as well as how to site resources. Students will take notes on this process, but I will also provide a handout. The research portion of this project will be done at home, however, students will be required to bring in their research and notes on specific dates. This will allow me to check for completion and process. Once the research has been mostly completed, we’ll spend a few days working with PowerPoint. Students will watch/take notes as I take them through the basics of the program. Since we don’t have a lab at my school, they will have to work at home on this. I will work with any students who do not have computers after school. We will review the tips for a good PowerPoint and discuss presentation techniques and strategies that are more effective in maintaining the audience’s attention. I will have checkpoints and trouble-shooting sessions throughout the next two weeks during which I will check students’ progress and give help where it is needed. Students will be given time in class to rehearse their presentation in small groups. I will be able to offer feedback and after seeing their presentations. Their peers will also be able to help them.