Kindle tips and reveiws


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kindle tips and reviews

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Kindle tips and reveiws

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from user. Kindle ====Dont you hate it when you spent a bunch of time researching a product, making sure you have thebest for what you want to do and at the best price, you are sure you have figured out which unit isbest and you have found the best place to get it at the best price. You buy it, its great, all is goodwith the world!Two weeks later a newer, better, lighter, faster, holds more, setup better, and its almost the sameprice or less than what you paid for the earlier version hits the market, suddenly the one you haveis obsolete. I really hate that, but with our constantly changing technology its something we justhave to live with!The very popular Amazon Kindle falls into this category, if you have the original Kindle youprobably know exactly what I mean. There you are reading on your Kindle, thinking you have thebest unit out there and you feel good that you have made the right choice. Wait a minute, Amazonjust released a Kindle 2? If this is you dont feel bad because the Original Kindle is still verypopular and I think worth hanging on to.If you like the Kindle 1 "SD" card memory than you might not like the Kindle 2. Kindle 2 did awaywith the "SD" card and now uses a fixed amount of memory that Amazon says holds about 1500books, Newspapers or whatever. Thats a lot of books but Kindle 2 doesnt give you anyway toorganize your books. The books are listed in the order that they were downloaded to the unit.The Original Kindle with its "SD" card does allow you to organize your books, if you put differentkinds of books on different memory cards. One card for this and another card for that. Just grabthe card that you are in the mood for. Kindle 2 is a little slimmer but not enough to make a hugedifference. The viewing area is the same, the page turning is a little faster on the Kindle 2 but notthat much.The Original Kindle uses two button for the power and sleep modes with each having their ownbutton. Kindle 2 has one slider switch that controls both. Kindle 2 has something that the OriginalKindle does not have, text to speech. If you like to have books read to you the Kindle 2 has thatfeature with two small speakers on the back at the bottom. It has a computer sounding voice whichyou can choose from Male or female, and can control the speed in which it is read.Amazon sold out every Kindle 1 they had in just over 5 hours. Many of the thousands of Kindleusers told Amazon that the way Amazon designed the page turning buttons made it very easy toaccidentally turn the page before they wanted to. Amazon listened and changed that setup on theKindle 2. Kindle 2 has the page turn button hinged the opposite way so its easy to page forward orback but next to impossible to do it by accident.
  2. 2. The Original Kindle comes with its own custom fit cover to protect it from scratches and dings, theKindle 2 does not and buying a nice cover for the Kindle 2 can cost anywhere from $40 and up.The main controls are redesigned on the Kindle 2 and now uses a 5 way toggle switch to moveyour cursor around the screen, this did away with the up and down cursor along the right side ofthe screen. People seem to like that setup better as its easier to make notes and hi-lite areas ofinterest.The back of the units are different as the Original Kindle users have said that it can come off toeasily when handling. The Kindle 2 looks and feels more modern and locks in place in a way thatits not going to come off unless you want it too. Kindle 2 has a back that is plastic but it looks likebrushed aluminum or stainless steel.Kindle 2, the latest generation, now comes with international wireless. The first Kindle 2 only hadwireless coverage in the states and was handled by Sprints 3g network. If you do not live in theUS and like the best thing about the Kindle, the wireless, than you will be glad to know that over100 countries are now covered wirelessly.That pretty much covers the major differences between the Original Kindle and the Kindle 2. If youhave the Original Kindle and are thinking about buying the Kindle 2 than maybe this article willhelp. If you have a Kindle 2 and are thinking about picking up the Original because of the cheaperprice than that might not be a bad idea.I hope I have given you enough information to make a decision before buying your first Kindle oran additional Kindle. Amazon now has 3 Kindles in total and I think they are all good units andmost people would be happy with any of them, but they do have their differences.If you would like more information on the Kindles, watch short videos of the Kindles in action, orget the best deal on any of the Kindles than click here. [Http://]For all of the above and more check out your complete Kindle resource.[Http://]Article Source: ====
  3. 3. Hello from user. Kindle ====