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Kindle tips and reveiws


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kindle tips and reviews

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Kindle tips and reveiws

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from user. Kindle ====Before I ordered my Amazon Kindle 2 from Amazon, I read several reviews on the web. There areliterally hundreds if not thousands of people out there that have written their own personal AmazonKindle reviews. But, there are some people that truly do not understand the magnitude of this newinnovative device (its current stage in development and how fast its market is growing) and thereare some that do. While reading these reviews, it becomes very clear which category people fallin. To put it in another perspective, I work at top well-known investment research firm and withoutgetting into too many specifics, lets just say we are very bullish on AMZN stock most specificallybecause of the huge potential of the Amazon Kindle in the emerging e-reader market. No I am nottrying to give investment advice (thats not part my job) but I just want to make it very clear howexcited I am about the product and its market in general. My Amazon Kindle 2 review is no holdsbarred and no BULL SHIP!In the few weeks prior to the announcement of the Amazon Kindle 2, you couldnt turn a virtualcorner without stumbling over alleged rumors and "insider" information regarding the newinnovative device. Last month, having played with my bosss Amazon Kindle 2 at the office, I foundmyself in absolute lust for this gadget. Before I decided to order the Amazon Kindle 2 asChristmas gift for myself;), I reviewed, reviewed, and REVIEWED several Amazon Kindle 2websites, articles, and reviews. This is my personal take / response to some of those good andbad reviews. The following is my Amazon Kindle 2 review:1.The Amazon Kindle 2 is not cheap! First of all, lets not beat around the bush; I certainly wantedto know how much I was in for right away! As is the case for all other new / "hot" items, such asthe iPhone 3Gs, Playstation 3, and LCD tvs, (which were originally priced for hundreds more thanthe Amazon Kindle 2), the Kindle 2 is priced a little on the high end. Currently, the Amazon Kindle2 is on sale for $259. Recently, Amazons CEO announced an "amazing" deal for Kindle 1 ownersat a press conference: If they ordered within the next 24 hours, they could jump to the front of theline for pre-orders! There wasnt even a discount offered, just the "privilege" of spending $259quicker than non-existing Amazon Kindle 1 owners. What a great deal huh?? Later though, Iconsidered some other factors. Relative to purchasing new books and best sellers on a regularbasis, the Amazon Kindle 2 really isnt that expensive. Have you looked at the price of new bookslately?? They can be pretty expensive themselves, especially at big name stores like Barnes andNoble and Borders. Even online at Amazon, youll pay $50 for the Twilight Saga Collection and$15 for Sarah Palins new book (not that I would want to read her book anyway but you get thepoint!). Most e-books are $9.99 or less. Over the long-run, especially if you are enthusiastic bookreader like me, the Amazon Kindle 2 is essential.2.What does it look like? According to its creators, the key design objective was to make theAmazon Kindle 2 "disappear". When we read a good book, we tend to get so immersed into theauthors world / story that the physical book eventually disappears. The thinking behind the Kindle
  2. 2. was to make sure we are still able to get lost in the reading, not the technology. The Kindle 2 has ablack-and-white 6" screen and uses electronic-ink display technology: the screen displays inkparticles electronically to make it look like real books, newspapers, magazines, etc. Asaforementioned, I sit on my butt all day in an office in front of a computer screen. During my lunchbreaks and when I get home, the LAST thing I want to do is look at a computer screen!! However,I actually found that the Kindles screen has a pretty soothing contrast and looks like a real page.Also, the Kindle 2 does not use backlighting which eliminates glares for daytime / outdoor reading.The Kindle also has six adjustable font sizes and utilizes 16 shades of gray. So when your eyesget tired or if you have a book that has small font, you can make it bigger on the Kindle screen.Compared to the first version, the Amazon Kindle 2 is MUCH slimmer and more refined. It is about1/3 of an inch in profile and weighs 10.2 ounces. Thats about the size of most magazines, onlythis gadget can hold up to 1,500 books in one!3.The five-way joy stick: piece of crap?? The five-way navigation is like those pencil-eraser micethat come on laptops (in between the keys); I found it pretty intuitive but not that convenient.Sometimes I felt that the joystick was a little slow, but not a deal breaker. Something like a trackball on the Blackberry would probably be a better solution. A touch screen would be ideal! Thereare also page-turning buttons located on both sides and the screen can be rotated from portrait tolandscape views for optimal comfort.4."Monotasking Hardware". I read several reviews and comments on how the Amazon Kindle 2only does ONE thing. First of all, let me just say that the Amazon Kindle 2 is NOT, I repeat NOT aniPhone!! Most cameras do only "one" thing, but like the Kindle, they do one thing very well. Thebottom line about my digital camera is that as long as it takes high-quality pictures, I am perfectlycontent. The 2 GB storage capability is not for storing all kinds of content (music, maps,FaceBook, Shazam, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, ESPN, etc.), it is for storing 1,500 BOOKS! Ifyoure in the market for an innovative reading device, why would you want to have all the aforesaiddistractions? When you finish a book, you simply download another one and begin again. In short,the Amazon Kindle 2 may have one main function (reading) but you can still download a numberof different formats in addition to books, like newspapers, magazines, and blogs.5.Simplicity. The Amazon Kindle 2 is simple and easy to use. It is wireless and ready to go rightout of the box; there are no cables, no setup, and no software to install. During the Amazon Kindle2 review presentation, Amazons CEO showed a video where one lucky tester said he never readmanuals (who does??), and he had no trouble at all using the Amazon Kindle 2 right away. Thedesign team also claims to have improved the battery life on the Kindle 2. The Kindle 2 will staycharged for a week with wireless on and two weeks with wireless off (varies based on usage).However, I did see a few comments on the web that since both the Kindle 1 and 2 have longbattery lives, the difference is hardly noticeable.6.Is the Kindle too fragile? This is a touchy subject for some people. I read several reviewsregarding the durability of the Amazon Kindle 2 and I found that it really depends on the personusing it. Some people go through their day worrying that their Kindle may be too flimsy and that itmight break in their bags. Of course nothing can replace the durability of a good-old-fashionedbook; you can drop it, throw it, use it as a door stopper, and it will still be readable. Personally, Ididnt think it is that flimsy at all. I guess I can see how jamming a few books and magazines intoyour bag, and even the laptop (all together with the Kindle) can cause apprehension. However,
  3. 3. when I have my Amazon Kindle 2, Ill be carrying half as many magazines and books. Sounds likethe problem is solved to me! On a side note, just like cell phones and laptops, there are alsovarious Kindle cases you can buy separately for more protection.7.The Amazon Kindle 2 can read to you! True. With the Text-to-Speech feature, the AmazonKindle 2 can read English books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs out loud while youre on thetrain, as youre walking, or when it gets too dark outside, at which point you can turn on the audioand listen to the rest of the chapter. You can even have the Kindle read to you while you drivefrom point A to point B. You can also choose between a male and female voice that can be spedup or slowed down according to your preference. Every now and then however, the reader willmispronounce items and may give wacky emphasis. For example, the reader has been known topronounce "dash" instead of pausing at one; still not a deal breaker though.8.eBooks are the FUTURE. The Amazon Kindle 2 review presentation featured testimonials fromKindle 2 users, saying that they read now more than ever. I concur with this because I often leavebooks, magazines, and articles behind because I simply cant carry all of them. Plus, I only readwhat I have on hand... doesnt everyone?? The Amazon Kindle 2, with its instant access to over390,000 books, will surely expand my reading horizons as well as yours as popularity continues tointensify.As is the case with all new cutting-edge technology, the Amazon Kindle 2 has several negatives,but in my opinion, the benefits far prevail. Amazon has nailed the eBook market and will probablydominate for several years. I expect that well be reading eBooks while we rocket to Mars in 2100.Whether you join the bandwagon now or later, it is inevitable. Send me a message at my website ifyou have any questions regarding my Amazon Kindle 2 review.Lately, Ive been working on a website that reviews the Amazon Kindle 2 even further: reviewingAmazons main e-reader competitors, emerging issues / stories, Kindle accessories, and user tips!CLICK HERE to get the latest scoop / reviews on the Amazon Kindle 2 and related products.Article Source: ====Hello from user. Kindle tips
  4. 4. ====