Bipolar Disorder Symptoms And Treatment


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Bipolar disorder is also commonly referred to as manic depression. This term comes from the cycling that occurs with this mental disorder, from extremely depressed to a very euphoric, or manic state. Bipolar disorder is estimated to affect approximately 3.

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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms And Treatment

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  2. 2. Facts About Bipolar Disorder • Also known as manic depression • Mental disorder with cycling moods • From severe depression to euphoria • Affects approximately 3% of adults
  3. 3. Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder • Difficult to distinguish from classic depression • Bipolar disorder also involves manic episodes • Hallucinations, delusions of grandeur, racing thoughts, increased energy, decreased need for sleep • Irritation or anxiety may also be present during a manic phase
  4. 4. Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder • Altering phases of depression and mania • Typical symptoms of major depression during a depressive episode • Sadness • Loss of energy • Lack of interest in once enjoyable activities • Loneliness • apathy
  5. 5. Hypomania and Mixed Affective Episodes • Hypomania and mixed affective episodes make diagnosis difficult • Hypomania, a mild manic episode • Mixed affective episode – simultaneous occurrence of manic and depressive symptoms • Normally distinct presence of episodes is blurred
  6. 6. Bipolar Disorder in Children • Adult onset mood disorder • Some studies indicate presence in children • Diagnoses in children have increased due to awareness • Bipolar disorder is a serious psychiatric diagnosis that requires attention to avoid significant impacts on relationships, career, and daily functioning
  7. 7. Bipolar Disorder Treatment • Pharmaceuticals • Psychotherapy • Lithium – monitor liver and kidney function • Psychotherapy can help recognize episode triggers
  8. 8. Take Action • If you believe you’ve experienced symptoms of bipolar disorder, take action to get your symptoms under control. • Don’t risk ruining your career, your family, or your important relationships. • Learn more about controlling bipolar disorder symptoms by visiting
  9. 9. Megavista Health • Here at Megavista Health, we focus on positive, holistic health and nutrition. • Visit our website to learn more about bipolar disorder and other health conditions. •