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Poetry elements


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Poetry elements

  1. 1. Poetry ElementsPoetry Elements What are the key elements of poetry?What are the key elements of poetry? What are the major types of poetry?What are the major types of poetry?
  2. 2. HaikuHaiku Poem with 5-7-5 syllablesPoem with 5-7-5 syllables
  3. 3. In the BlinkIn the Blink In the blink of timeIn the blink of time You will grow away fastYou will grow away fast Amazingly wiseAmazingly wise
  4. 4. LimerickLimerick Short five line humorous poemShort five line humorous poem They often contain onomatopoeia,They often contain onomatopoeia, hyperboles, and idioms.hyperboles, and idioms. They typically contain one couplet andThey typically contain one couplet and one tripletone triplet
  5. 5. LimerickLimerick A flea and a fly in a flueA flea and a fly in a flue Were caught, so what could they do?Were caught, so what could they do? Said the fly, "Let us flee."Said the fly, "Let us flee." "Let us fly," said the flea."Let us fly," said the flea. So they flew through a flaw in the flue.So they flew through a flaw in the flue. -Anonymous-Anonymous
  6. 6. Narrative PoemNarrative Poem Poetry that tells a story with plot andPoetry that tells a story with plot and characterscharacters ““The Night Before Christmas”The Night Before Christmas” ““Barbara Frietchie”Barbara Frietchie”
  7. 7. Lyric PoemLyric Poem Poetry of a single speakerPoetry of a single speaker Sonnets, songs, odesSonnets, songs, odes
  8. 8. Concrete PoetryConcrete Poetry Poetry that takes the shape of the poemsPoetry that takes the shape of the poems theme or tonetheme or tone
  9. 9. Free Verse PoetryFree Verse Poetry Poetry that doesn’t rhymePoetry that doesn’t rhyme
  10. 10. StanzasStanzas Like paragraphs, but for poetryLike paragraphs, but for poetry Sections of a poemSections of a poem Typically have the same number of linesTypically have the same number of lines throughout an entire poemthroughout an entire poem
  11. 11. RhymeRhyme Repetition of soundsRepetition of sounds Brown, clownBrown, clown Sun, bunSun, bun
  12. 12. Rhyme SchemeRhyme Scheme A patternA pattern AbababAbabab AabbccddAabbccdd aabbaaabba
  13. 13. MeterMeter The beat of the poemThe beat of the poem T-t-bbbb-t-t-bbbbT-t-bbbb-t-t-bbbb
  14. 14. CoupletCouplet A pair of rhymed linesA pair of rhymed lines
  15. 15. formform The shape and number of stanzas of aThe shape and number of stanzas of a poempoem
  16. 16. Sensory LanguageSensory Language Language that appeals to one of theLanguage that appeals to one of the sensessenses
  17. 17. Imagery or figurativeImagery or figurative language (FIG)language (FIG) AlliterationAlliteration Hyperbole---an exaggerationHyperbole---an exaggeration Idiom--an expression that meansIdiom--an expression that means something different from what it sayssomething different from what it says SimileSimile MetaphorMetaphor PersonificationPersonification onomatopoeiaonomatopoeia
  18. 18. What is a PoetryWhat is a Poetry Anthology?Anthology? An anthology is a collection of poetry…An anthology is a collection of poetry… Sometimes Poetry Anthologies areSometimes Poetry Anthologies are poems written by the same poetpoems written by the same poet Sometimes, Poetry Anthologies areSometimes, Poetry Anthologies are poems by different poets collectedpoems by different poets collected together by an editor…the poemstogether by an editor…the poems typically share something in commontypically share something in common (type, tone, theme)(type, tone, theme)
  19. 19. How do you determineHow do you determine the tone?the tone? TONE=emotion/attitudeTONE=emotion/attitude Alliteration=humor=toneAlliteration=humor=tone Word choice===emotion=toneWord choice===emotion=tone Shape or form===emotion=toneShape or form===emotion=tone Punctuation === emotion=tonePunctuation === emotion=tone
  20. 20. How do you determineHow do you determine theme of a poem?theme of a poem? Lesson learned?Lesson learned? Main idea….more likelyMain idea….more likely – Typical themes include: bravery,Typical themes include: bravery, friendship, loss, inspiration, war, death,friendship, loss, inspiration, war, death, birth, hard times, fun times, celebration,birth, hard times, fun times, celebration, specific moments in time, animals, objects,specific moments in time, animals, objects, people, beginnings, endingspeople, beginnings, endings