The New Flagship of Origin


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The New Flagship of Origin

  1. 1. The New Flagship of OriginIt seems like gaming laptops are getting crazier by the minute. Not only areboutique brands competing against mainstream brands for recognition, but theyare also competing with other fellow manufacturers.Take for example, the case of Eurocom. The Canadian boutique laptopmanufacturer recently released the Scorpius, probably the most powerful laptop inexistence. Naturally, Americans have an answer for that, and it comes from OriginPC, the EON17 – SLX.Origin is one of the biggest brands in the boutique gaming business, so it’s naturalfor them to step up to the plate and offer the latest advancements in technology.Let’s take a look and see how this laptop fares. And see if you will consider to selllaptop for this Origin’s new flagship laptop.Source:
  2. 2. Design The SLX features a different body from the EON17 – S Origin offers, but both make use of Clevo. For the SLX, the body is a Clevo P370EM, the same body used on the Scorpius. Overall, the body looks better than the one on the EON17 – S. It features a sleeker design and a more uniform look. The back part features two vents on each end, making it look like a car grille. Opening the front features a more traditional Clevo look, with customizable backlighting and a full keyboard with number pad.It weighs just 7.7 pounds, lighter than the heavyweight EON17 – S. It’s also 1.95inches thick. While it may be lighter, it’s definitely bulky.Source:
  3. 3. Display Like every other gaming laptop out there, the SLX features a huge 17.3 – inch screen with full 1080p HD. Not only that, but Origin offers the display in either glossy or matte finishes. You can choose glossy for better color projection, but matte has less glare.Source:
  4. 4. Hardware Let’s get down to business with this laptop. Storming right out of the gate are two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M cards together in SLI. The 680M is NVIDIA’s best right now, and running them side by side guarantees the best frame rates in the universe. Benchmarks for that setup aren’t available right now since it’s so new. To give you an idea though, one 680M is capable of running the unforgiving Metro 2033 at a playable 24 fps. With two identical cards running together, expect that number to move up to 35 – 45. That being said, every other game out there right now can be played in max!For the processor, you get a wide array of Ivy Bridge processors to choose from. The base processor is an i5 processor, but you have a total up of eight processors to choose from,Source: including the i7 Extreme Edition. That’ll definitely help with gaming.
  5. 5. Memory starts at a measly 4 GB, so I recommend going with 8 GB – enough forgaming. Those who want to treat the SLX as a workstation though can upgrade to16 or 32 GB, depending on your needs.Storage begins with one 320 GB hard drive. You can choose up to two, with a mixof HDD and SSD.ConclusionWith stellar performance and being completely decked out with all the otheressential features, how does the SLX differentiate itself from the Scorpius?Well, Origin offers a 3 year warranty with free shipping for repairs and includeslifetime support. The laptop is also delivered in a strong wooden crate forprotection during shipping.All in all, Origin has managed to top them again with another strong offering thatwill surely please enthusiasts.Source: