Stuff BlackBerry Doesn’t Have


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Stuff BlackBerry Doesn’t Have

  1. 1. Stuff BlackBerry Doesn’t HaveBlackBerry isn’t looking really good right now. Their products are seriously lagging ininnovations. Their refusal to keep up with the times is really not helping them.Right now, you should sell your BlackBerry because their services are lackluster.Remember the service outages from last year? Millions of people around the worldcomplained because they relied on BlackBerry’s service for work. When that failed,nobody was happy.In the market, there’s plenty of other stuff that’s for sale. Many of them are betterthan BlackBerry. Here’s what you should know about BlackBerry right now.
  2. 2. No 4G LTE As of late, 4G LTE devices are becoming a standard. You’ll find that in the top devices of brands like Samsung,Apple and HTC. The one big benefit of 4G LTE is that it is significantly faster than 3G. Aside from that, you also get great upload speeds.Right now, 4G is in the process of becoming more widespread, so expect the latestdevices to have 4G LTE connectivity.
  3. 3. No Big Screens The problem with BlackBerry phones is that because of the QWERTY keyboard, screen size is compromised. You’re stuck with screens of 2-3 inches big, which doesn’t look really great when doing other stuff.Current trends dictate that you must at least have 3.5 inches or more for a screen.That’s ample enough to watch videos and other stuff without getting annoyed.Right now, screens stretch to as much as 4.8 inches! It’s pretty big, but pretty useful.Look at phones made by Samsung – despite the huge size, they’re very popular.Also, the screens of BlackBerry smartphones aren’t that great. They look nice, butcompared to the ones Samsung and other companies put out, BlackBerry’s displaylooks like a CTR TV.
  4. 4. No Powerful Cameras BlackBerry smartphones have nice cameras and can record nice videos. The problem is that other smartphones simply do it better. Take for example, Apple’s smartphone. It’s filled with wonderful features that allow you to take great shots. It even has scene modes and other stuff to make picture – taking fun!You also get access to hundreds of photo apps that even take it to the next level –sharing! Apps like Instagram have become big due to the large network of peoplethat consistently share pictures.
  5. 5. No Evolving OS The BlackBerry OS seems to only get an aesthetic upgrade when it comes to updates. No new features are added. They still rely on the core features that make the BlackBerry OS usable, but not innovative. They refuse to put in features that wow customers.With Android and iOS, they consistently try to top each other by cramming in morefeatures that you can ever hope to have, but are useful nonetheless. They alsogear their software to make things easier for the customer.With BlackBerry, they make no effort. They’re still stuck in the past where things arejust okay with them.
  6. 6. ConclusionYou should sell your BlackBerry because it’s something that you should have done along time ago. Plenty of other phones and used electronicsare out there waiting tobe bought by you.Take a chance.Source: