The Canadian Panther (eurocom panther 4.0 review)


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The Canadian Panther (eurocom panther 4.0 review)

  1. 1. The Canadian Panther (Eurocom Panther 4.0 Review)Source:
  2. 2. Canada, not to be outsmarted by its American neighbors, has a nice computercompany of their own, Eurocom.Eurocom is a small company that assembles laptops using parts from othercompanies. They also manufacture all – in – one desktop computers. Sadly though,they don’t manufacture custom gaming desktops, but enough of that.Let’s focus on the 4.0, possibly Canada’s most powerful computer that rivals itsAmerican neighbors.DesignPortability and mobility be damned. This thing looks like it weighs a ton, and itactually is. This laptop weighs a whopping 12.13 pounds with the charger included!It looks like something you can bench press in the gym!To give you a more accurate description on how heavy this thing weighs, imaginecarrying two electric guitars at the same time. That’s how heavy this thing is.It’s also quite thick, measuring 2.4 inches when closed. It’s 16.5 inches long and 11.3inches wide.Source:
  3. 3. If the laptop looks familiar, that’s because it follows a trend other boutique laptopbuilders do – use Clevo laptops. Specifically, this model makes use of the P270WMshell.DisplayBeing a gaming laptop, this makes use of a huge display. Specifically, it has a 17.3inch screen with a glossy display. The brightness can reach up to 300 units, which isincredibly bright – perfect for gaming in the dark.It comes with a glossy display, but you can pay more for a matte display, which isaround 70 – 100 dollars. You can also upgrade to a 3D display.Overall, quality is great, as befitting the base price, which is a whopping 3,210dollars!HardwareHere’s the part where the Panther 4.0 proves itself.Source:
  4. 4. To get things rolling, this laptop features an Ivy Bridge i7 – 3820 processor. It’sdefinitely fast, as it is one of the most powerful processors of Intel right now.However, you can opt to go even faster, choosing the i7 – 3960X processor, which isthe Extreme Edition. There’s no need to explain how fast this thing goes.In terms of graphics, this laptop comes with the NVIDIA GTX 680M for some superhardcore gaming. The 680M is the top of the line GPU of NVIDIA, and you canbasically set everything to Ultra when you play.If that’s not enough, you can even opt for two GT 680M GPU! That’s great if youwant to hook up your laptop to multiple displays.You also have the option for the HD7970M GPU, which is AMD’s best right now.Again, you can also have two of those if you’re not content with one.Base RAM starts at 8 GB, which keeps price down. You can also bump it up to 16GB or an amazing 32 GB for multimedia artists and video editors.To keep the base price down, you only get one hard drive with 750 GB of space. Ofcourse, you can add more, totaling up to four hard drives. If you choose up to four,Source:
  5. 5. you lose the optical drive because of space issues. To make up for it, you canpurchase an external optical drive.As is the standard, this laptop is decked out with other ports. You get a total of fiveUSB ports, three 3.0 and two 2.0 ports. There’s also a 9 – in – 1 card readerRounding out the package are a Wireless LAN, Bluetooth and an optional TV tuner,if you’re into that sort of thing.ConclusionWith too many optional parts to mention and an amazing keyboard, this laptopdefinitely has what it takes to stand up with the pantheon of gaming laptops.Sadly, the only probable way to buy this laptop is if you don’t pay your mortgageand student loans orSell your laptopat to get cash from your old laptop.Source: