Little Light of BlackBerry’s Might (Part 3)


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Little Light of BlackBerry’s Might (Part 3)

  1. 1. Little Light of BlackBerry’s Might (Part 3)Megan Cunningham Source:
  2. 2. It’s the best time to sell your BlackBerryswhile waitingfor this phone to taste success in the market. It is RIM’scommitment to provide its users the best possibleservices for their convenience and comfort. TheBlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is a product that theycan truly prove their commitment. Asides fromimproving security features and expanding itsconnectivity in BES 10, Holleran points out that with itshelp, users can use BlackBerry 10 to connect tocorporate resources. He says:“To activate an enterprise device with BlackBerry 10you’ll just need the email address and the activationpassword, and it goes through the exact sameworkflow as an end user putting in, say, their Gmail orYahoo Account…If it’s a consumer-based email it willsend all of those settings down. If you’ve everconfigured Outlook or any email client to talk toGmail, for example, every time I do that, I’ve got togo out and Google…We provide all that informationback down to the user that is putting that informationin.”Source:
  3. 3. RIM’s Senior Director further explains that when it’s anenterprise account, the users or the system can setactivation passwords that are sent to your emailaddress. Then the server connects it and times outthat specific password in the company’sinfrastructure. The system does it magic and youdon’t have to worry about anything.If you plan to sell BlackBerry phones, please do. TheBlackBerry 10and Enterprise App World is a surrealistworld in a magical device. The future users will haveto access a specific enterprise version of RIM’sBlackBerry App World software shop called theEnterprise App World. You have two options of howto deliver an app to an enterprise. First, people mayget an app from you, develop, and host it behind BES10’s firewall. The developers denote the app asoptional or mandatory then send it to their respectiveusers’ devices to make it available for end-users todownload on their devices. The second way is themore legitimate process. As an administrator, theperson may browse the public App World, chooseapps, and decide as administrator which of the appscan be available for download. To eradicateSource:
  4. 4. anticipation, the Enterprise App World is part of BES10.RIM’s effort also paid off when they launched theBlackBerry Jam Enterprise Edition so developerswould be attracted to create stuff for BlackBerry,especially corporate developers. The event wasfocused to target enterprise specific “things likeworkflow, field service applications, things that arereally for the back office employee,” says RIM’sGregg Ostrowski, the person behind the event. Apopular enterprise session was dedicated to showhow to port over existing BlackBerry Java apps toBlackBerry 10. This way, older devices may besupported. RIM didn’t announce future datesregarding the event but it will certainly do so in thefuture.BlackBerry’s makers may be going down in a spiralbut they will certainly come back energetically.Many people will probably sell old BlackBerry units sothat they can save money for this magical devicethat brings a little light to RIM, the BlackBerry 10.Source: