Little Light of BlackBerry’s Might (Part 2)


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Little Light of BlackBerry’s Might (Part 2)

  1. 1. Little Light of BlackBerry‟s Might (Part 2)Megan Cunningham Source:
  2. 2. Recently, RIM executives took you down the road ofwhat they think is their future. Even though they havereceived harsh criticisms from their co-competitorsand critics alike, RIM has stood firm, ready to launchits awaited flagship smartphone in next year‟s firstquarter. Samsung‟s Galaxy S4 may overshadowBlackBerry 10 as it is rumored to dominate the globalmarket in the same quarter. Many have tried to sellused BlackBerry phones online but RIM sees thingspositively and tries to win the hearts of smartphoneusers by dishing out a little of what BlackBerry 10 canoffer.The BlackBerry 10‟s Balance is a marvelousbreakthrough in BlackBerry‟s Enterprise. The personashelp you distinguish which profile you are using, eithera corporate or a personal profile for that matter.However, RIM doesn‟t stop there. With the flagshipsmartphone‟s release is the release of a newBlackBerry OS, the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.The new OS will be integrated in the newsmartphone, which is said to have integrateddifferent OS‟s into one. Currently, RIM‟s BlackBerryMobile Fusion is the latest operating system, which isSource:
  3. 3. used to manage BlackBerry PlayBook. The BES 10 willbe initially released with the future flagship phonewhile an update is said to be available in May 2013to assimilate various components so the phones canrun on a single server.You probably want to sell yourBlackBerrysmartphones because the newsmartphone is anything but simple. It has apps thatcan offer a wide range of options for convenienceboth for corporate and personal uses. One of themost noteworthy enhancements in BES 10 is theMicrosoft ActiveSync technology as a sync engine.Holleran says:“One of the challenges that enterprises have facedwith these [non BlackBerry] devices is that they‟re notinterested in exposing ActiveSync out to the publicInternet,” he says. “We‟ve solved that with the simplechange for us, of BES 5, the proprietary messagingprotocols, BES 10 and the switch out over toActiveSync as our sync engine. We didn‟t changeout anything that we did around the rest of it. Thesecurity is all there, the transport is all there. We justchanged out the sync engine service.”Source:
  4. 4. With this app, RIM can propose a number ofcorporate connectivity selections for BlackBerrysmartphones with levels of security. Enterprises canlink BlackBerry tablets and BlackBerry 10 devicesdirectly to other operating systems like iOS andAndroid and to ActiveSync without any additionalsoftware. This allows a behind-the-firewall, secureddata transport and other security features includingthe BlackBerry 10 Balance. Apple‟s iOS and Google‟sAndroid software cannot support all the securityfeatures like the BlackBerry 10. So expect that ITpolicies can be applied in all situations as BlackBerry10 devices.Sell old BlackBerrys because this cannotget any better. Holleran says:“We‟re dedicated to meeting the needs of ourenterprise customers, and that is a heterogeneousworld today,” he says. “In some cases, we‟re beingengaged by customers that are new to us that don‟thave BlackBerrys, but want to manage these third-party devices. People have come to us and said,„RIM, you guys are a gold standard for managingmobile devices in general. You understand it; youknow what‟s going on there. How can you help usout with this influx of other devices?”Source:
  5. 5. Continue reading as more juicy information comesyour way in the third part.Source: