Little Light of BlackBerry’s Might (Part 1)


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Little Light of BlackBerry’s Might (Part 1)

  1. 1. Little Light of BlackBerry’s Might (Part 1)Megan Cunningham Source:
  2. 2. You seem to agree that RIM is in a death spiral. iPhone 5 hasjust been released and Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to bereleased in the next year’s first quarter. The smartphoneindustry is going through milestones of achievement but at afaster pace. RIM is not exempt from the demise of thelucrative smartphone industry. HTC is also trying to catch up.They may be heading in a downward spiral. HTC’s profitscannot seem to catch up with their expenses. However, thealready-beaten RIM does not take criticisms to heart. Eventhough many sell BlackBerry phones, RIM is ready to launchits future flagship smartphone, the BlackBerry 10.Recently, RIM has dished out some juicy insights about theBlackBerry 10. It is noted that the most significant feature ofthe phone is the BlackBerry Balance. It allows companies tomake two separate on-device “personas,” one for personaland one for corporate information. This feature is not exactlynew but there have been huge improvements. Holleran,RIM’s Senior Director for Enterprise Product Management,says:“The goal and the experience of Balance is to support thatBYOD user that brings a BlackBerry into work, and, the daythey walked into the company, they had a device in acertain state with their information on it…The day they walkout of the company they’ll have all of that sameinformation. The experience people have today, they’resigning over their life when they bring a device in.”Source:
  3. 3. The feature lets you wipe all corporate information withoutaffecting the personal info. Holleran states that RIM willprovide deleting options to control whatever informationthe user’s wish to eradicate, addressing advancedcustomers with specific needs. The BlackBerry 10 Balance isprotection of vital information. This regulates informationthat goes in and out without customers having to worry. Itcreates a definite line between you and your work withoutleaking sensitive information and regulating what is goingout. The feature is so interesting that you may want to sellold BlackBerry phones online. You do not have to buy manyphones for corporate and personal use.To distinguish between corporate and personal “personas”,the phone changes its wallpaper so that users may knowwhat persona is currently active. In addition, the sameapplications can be installed for both personas. That way,the user does not have to install apps for both personasand, at the same time, the user may not accidentally installan app intended for personal use on the work persona andvice versa. The app is a unique milestone in BlackBerryexperience. You can isolate apps according to yourpreferred personas. The question lies in whether users wantto flip back and forth with multiple “personas” on a singlephone. There truly are circumstances when you don’t wantto mistakenly use a corporate phone for personal use. Onlytime can tell. You can even sell your BlackBerry while youwait for the BlackBerry 10 to arrive.Source:
  4. 4. The features do not just stop here. Read the second part toget a grip on what to expect from RIM’s future phone, theBlackBerry 10.Source: