Do Not Get These Apps: Worst BlackBerry Apps


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Do Not Get These Apps: Worst BlackBerry Apps

  1. 1. Source: Not Get These Apps: Worst BlackBerry AppsBlackBerry promises a variety of applications when you access the BlackBerry AppWorld. The beauty comes from the limitless options you can have with BlackBerryApp World. Like Android and iOS, these apps can come with or without a price.Payments go through PayPal for safety and security, like when you sell usedBlackBerry. Thus, choosing and buying apps must be done with caution andplanning. You wouldn’t want to pay for an app that basically does the same thingas a free one. But, others just make apps that are just plain expensive or useless. Letme provide you a list of some of the worst apps available.
  2. 2. Source: Night Out Solitaire Cover Girl is noted for their quality cosmetics that showcase posh, girly, and fashionable taste for beauty. However, they should have just left it there. Cover Girl cosmetics sponsored the Girls Night Out Solitaire app for BlackBerry. Just like any game of Solitaire, this app does the same thing. What makes it different is the posh features that make it Cover Girl-ish.You see girly touches like martini glasses and high heels. The app also has Freecelland Klondike with an additional Concentration clone. Although, why would
  3. 3. Source: pay $5 for an application with “girlfriends” who tell you what to do andwhat not to do. Just play Solitaire on a PC without the posh $5 enhancement.AutoTimeZoneSome taste the luxurious life of travelling from one time zone to another. Living afast-paced and time-changing lifestyle is just a hard thing to cope with. So, theAutoTimeZone app lets you choose the option of automatically changing yourBlackBerry’s time anywhere you go. The app looks for your current location throughGPS and sets the time accordingly. However, this function is common in BlackBerryphones. Once the BlackBerry phone connects itself in a given time zone, itautomatically sets the time accordingly, even without the help of theAutoTimeZone app. The AutoTimeZone also sometimes incorrectly sets the time.What good is that when you pay for this $10 app? I would sell my BlackBerryif I hadsomething like this.
  4. 4. Source: Therapy for BlackBerry Life can be stressful sometimes. You might want to pamper your strained body by having a relaxing massage. The good thing is BlackBerry has an app for that.Life can be stressful sometimes. You might want to pamper your strained body byhaving a relaxing massage. The good thing is BlackBerry has an app for that. TheMassage Therapy for BlackBerry lets your unit vibrate on the area you wish tomassage. It comes with degrees of intensity. Although with good intentions, are youwilling to pay as much as $3 for this? The instruction is vague and the app is justbland. The 37KB required storage for this app is probably its best feature.
  5. 5. Source: Are you worried that you are brushing theBright Smile wrong way? Do you want to brush your teeth effectively? The Bright Smile app is ready to help you. The BlackBerry app provides a stopwatch that lets you devote good time to brush your teeth properly. Sure, the app has good intentions. However, would you pay $5 to only use the phone’s stopwatch to let you properly brush your teeth? This app is inappropriately paired with the BlackBerry.I mean, you wouldn’t bring your BlackBerry phone with you every time you brushed your teeth.The sad thing is you need to have 500KB for an app that teaches you how to brushyour teeth properly. Or you could just research it on the internet.BlackBerry canoffer many things to satisfy the needs of its users. However, some apps are just notworth buying. Cash for Berrys is much more interesting than buying these unwantedapps. Just make sure that what you buy is what you really need.