can research in motion still hope to make a comeback


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can research in motion still hope to make a comeback

  1. 1. Can Research In MotionStill Hope to Make a Comeback? It’s been more than a year since industry pundits have deemed Research In Motion one nail away from being forever buried in a coffin, prompting more and more consumers to sell used Blackberrysin anticipation of the company’s eventual downfall. This is becoming more apparent, specifically because of highly contrasting fiscal figures with Apple which have a lot to do with the products to be launched by both companies within the year. RIM made an arguably mediocre showing at last month’s BlackBerry World 2012 convention, with the BlackBerry 10, their latest mobile operating system, being the supposed highlight of the show. The company is banking on the BB 10’s virtual keyboard as the main selling point of their OS, which really isn’t surprising for the company since keyboards have always been a Berry trademark. Source: cash4laptops review
  2. 2. However, this was back when these keyboards were still physical. Now thatthey’re otherwise, the Berry seems to have lost its one defining trait. As far ashighlights go, the rockin’ afterparty by the MartinezBrothers was more notablethan all the tech demos at the show put together, making a stronger case forpeople to trade in Blackberry for something else.I’ll admit that I initially thought of the BB 10 as a viable alternative (the virtualkeyboard notwithstanding) to the two more popular mobile OSes. However,Apple’s iOS 6 presentation at the recently concluded World Wide DevelopersConvention (WWDC) 2012 unmistakably left RIM in the dust. Despite the feltabsence of the iPhone 5, Apple more than makes up for that by showcasingwhat the upcoming iGadgets will be capable of with the new mobile OS runningthem.Of the myriad features of the iOS 6 shown, two of the most noteworthy are theMaps app and the new Siri. With Maps, Apple ups the ante for navigationprograms by implementing two key features. The first is the so-called “turn-by-turn” navigation, which makes the onscreen map turn relative to the direction auser is facing. The second is the Flyover mode, which is a rendering of a city infull 3D, allowing a user to zoom in and out and fly all over the map to get abetter look at his desired destination.As nifty as Maps sounds, it’s decidedly blown away by what the new andimproved Siri offers. Already an impressive technology to begin with, Siri furtherexpands her virtual assistant role by integrating herself more with the iGadgets’many apps. Moreover – and if things go for Apple as planned – we may beseeing iDevices mounted on car dashboards to assist drivers in every way theycan without the drivers having to take their eyes off the road. Imagine a real-liveK.I.T.T. (of Knight Rider fame); that’s how awesome Siri will be.With Apple thinking out of the boxand going beyond the physical limitations oftheir products to truly redefine the portable gadget experience, it shouldn’tcome as a surprise why they are leading the smartphone race.There are someconsumer that are waiting for iPhone 5 and they Sell electronics to earn money.In the same vein, it shouldn’t surprise people if reports of trade in Blackberrys Source:see an even bigger increase. With the way the company is handling itself as of cash4laptops reviewlate, a resurgence is nowhere in sight.