Best Samsung Galaxy s3 apps


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Best Samsung Galaxy s3 apps

  1. 1. Best Samsung Galaxy S3 AppsSource:
  2. 2. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the forerunners in the smartphone industry. It hasbeen one of the most impressive flagship smartphones from Samsung. It has beenaltered in a way that only the best parts and specs are compacted into one singlesmartphone. If you think of the smartest smartphone out there, it should be theSamsung Galaxy S3. Out of all the Android handsets, the S3 is considered the bestof them all. It has been compared to the iPhone 5 but it still could not surpass theS3’s impressive features. Sell your BlackBerry and get the S3 because it does nottake a genius to know the difference.One of the reasons smartphones probably became intelligent was their apps. Itworks like your personal computer. However, considering that there are thousandsof apps available on Google Play and the Android Market, which of these will youchoose? Here’s a guide to what apps you can download for a better S3experience: Source:
  3. 3. Osmos HDThe child in you will certainly come out of its shell. This favorite chilled out Androidgame will promise to give you an exciting organism-absorbing action. The 4.8-inchscreen the S3 has will be an amplifying experience for the game. You don’t need tocongest your fun just because of a small screen, right? Source:
  4. 4. Minecraft – Pocket Edition The Galaxy S3 is sophisticated and finessed to perfection. However, deep inside it is the geekiness that only some recognize because it can handle games such as Minecraft. There are 36 different kinds of blocks for you to build anything you want. You may choose between Creative and Survival modes, depending on how your mood tells you. This game can be a good reason to sell old BlackBerrys. It just keeps your imagination alive.Source:
  5. 5. Angry Birds SpaceI’m sure you have played Angry Birds. The birds are being catapulted to the air andhit all the pigs on the field, protected by wood, ice, or stones. However, the conflictbetween these two animals has been raised to a whole new world. They decidedthe war was intergalactic. Gravity is everything for these birds. Manipulate thegravity that controls the celestial body and hit the pigs with accuracy. This will beenjoyable especially with S3’s fast processors. Source:
  6. 6. Spotify Spotify for Android has just all the complete package with ICS support, an improved design, and high- resolution snaps of your favorite music. This app will bring your music experience a bit higher. However, if you happen to have a Spotify Premium account, you may cache songs to your multimedia S3 phone for offline listening. Theirs is even an ‘extreme’ sound quality for better acoustics. Who would not be impressed by such a beautiful app?Source:
  7. 7. Samsung Remote Are you the movie or TV buff? With your Samsung Galaxy S3, you don’t need to trade in BlackBerrys and buy an impressive remote. Let your Samsung do its magic by downloading the Samsung Remote app. Everything essential in the remote is covered. So, you just have to sit and watch your beloved Blu-Ray movie while holding your S3.Source: