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Apple Is for Kids: Best Kid Games


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Apple Is for Kids: Best Kid Games

  1. 1. Apple Is for Kids: Best Kid Games Apple is a fruit that kids and adults alike love. It is red in color and heart-like in shape. Everybody knows what an apple is. It was immortalized in Adam and Eve’s story. Even though our perception of the apple has changed, it is still well-known throughout the world. It seems to be everywhere. New York is known as the Big Apple. Out of all the fruits available, Eve supposedly ate an apple. Apples can also be seen in the market. While not an actual fruit,Kids mostly want something sweet. Besides candies and you can buy a bittenchocolates, they want to play. Even if they cannot literally Apple in electronic something sweet, they can play all day and night. When The Apple smartphones areyou want your kids to hold still for a while, what do you do? a delectable treat. That’sWhat better way to keep them busy than to let them play why many people havesome of iPhone’s best kids games? You know what to tried to sell BlackBerry unitsdownload? The games that are included in the list are: online because they want an iPhone.
  2. 2. Animal MemoryMatch KidsThis game is best for 5-6year old children. Asexpected, the game’sobjective is simple. Kids justhave to match adorableanimals on cards. Oncethey have paired the sameanimal, a cute sound emits.If you want to keep the kidbusier, you can increasethe difficulty and thenumber of cards on theboard. That way, you don’thave to think about whatthe kids may be doingwhile you’re busy.
  3. 3. BrushesThis is not a game.However, this simple appcan help kids express theirimagination better. This islike Microsoft’s Paint. Kidsmay color or drawanything that comes totheir minds. If you want thekids to be as expressiveand creative as they canbe in the future, this appcan be a good steppingstone for your kid’s future inthe field of the fine arts. Thisapp even made somedecide to sellBlackBerryphones
  4. 4. Crazy PenguinCatapultThis game is for the older 7-11 year old kids. The goodthing about this game is itsobjective. The player justhas to use a catapult tolaunch penguins withhelmets and take out asmany polar bears andother enemies in the field.The player just has toswipes his hands in order forthe penguin to fly. Makesure that you do not hit thewall but it should fly awayacross the screen. You justneed timing. The musicmakes you want to playmore and the penguins’sound effects are cute.They even make soundswhen they are launched!
  5. 5. Tap Tap Revenge Classic Like the Crazy Penguins, this game is best for 7-11 year old kids although many adults are playing this one. The Tap Tap Revenge Classic game is a delight. The game is simple: Simply tap once the appropriate circle reaches the spot. The game becomes more complicated when you choose difficult songs, like the new songs. If you want, you can just play the easier songs. These are some good games and many have sold their Blackberrys to get them.Source :