A Newly Updated Alienware


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A Newly Updated Alienware

  1. 1. A Newly Updated AlienwareSource:Technomatichttp://emdhie.blog.com/2012/08/08/a-newly-updated-alienware/
  2. 2. Gaming companies always update their products with the latest parts, andAlienware is no exception. Popularly known for their otherworldly – looking laptops,Alienware provides amazing customer service and performance.Recently, they updated their product line to feature plenty of new upgrades, suchas the latest Intel Core processors. We’ll take a look at their mid – sized laptop, theM14x R2.If you’re into gaming but you don’t want the bulkiness of 17 – inch behemoths, thenthis laptop provides plenty of power without bogging you down.Let’s go take a look at the M14x and see if it will make you sell your laptop.LooksTrue to Alienware tradition, the M14x practically looks the same as the otherAlienware laptops, only in a midsized version.That being said, this laptop is still quite bulky. It weighs 6.4 pounds, and is 1.49 inchesthick. For a 14 – inch laptop, this is a bit big. Its dimensions are 13.27 x 10.16 inches.Source:Technomatichttp://emdhie.blog.com/2012/08/08/a-newly-updated-alienware/
  3. 3. Just like every other Alienware laptop, you get the colorful and customizablebacklit keyboard, vents, logos, and practically everything else that lights up. Youcan change the colors via a preinstalled program. You can mix the colors to yourliking, making your laptop really look like an alien ship.To be fair, this laptop is quite portable, despite the bulkiness.Source:Technomatichttp://emdhie.blog.com/2012/08/08/a-newly-updated-alienware/
  4. 4. DisplayThis laptop features a 14 – inch screen with a screen resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.Of course, you will be guaranteed a screen that offers amazing brightness, which isneeded for games. You can play all of your games comfortably knowing that everydetail can be seen clearly.Source:Technomatichttp://emdhie.blog.com/2012/08/08/a-newly-updated-alienware/
  5. 5. HardwareAs befitting a gaming laptop, the M14x packs plenty of power in a portable body,allowing you to do everything. Not only is this laptop good for gaming, butrendering multimedia stuff as well.This laptop is equipped with a third generation Intel Core i7 processor, which issignificantly better in performance than the previous generation. You also get awhopping 750 GB of hard drive, or an impressive 512 GB solid state drive.Source:Technomatichttp://emdhie.blog.com/2012/08/08/a-newly-updated-alienware/
  6. 6. In terms of graphics, you can choose between a 1 GB or 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT650 M. By choosing the one with bigger memory, you get better fps rates for yourgames. Of course, you will have an increased price though.With RAM, you get 6 GB as a start, but you can also upgrade it to 8, 12, or 16 GB.Typically, 8 GB is good, so go with that.In terms of ports, you get plenty on this one. You get two USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernetport and a locking port for security.You also get one USB 2.0, a VGA, an HDMI, a mini-DisplayPort, a 9-in-1 card reader,and microphone and headphone jacks.ConclusionWith a funny yet cool chassis and impressive power, the M14x is a wonderfullaptopto own. You get impressive performance in a portable package.The Alienware M14x doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering the goods.That should be more than enough for a laptop like this.Source:Technomatichttp://emdhie.blog.com/2012/08/08/a-newly-updated-alienware/