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Digital Divide PPT


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This powerpoint is a project we had to do on Digital Divide. :) Enjoy! btw, credit the works
By: Megan, Noah and Jessendra
do not copyright
you will be punished

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Digital Divide PPT

  1. 1. By: Megan, Jessendra, Noah
  2. 2. • First let’s ask all you what do you know about digital divide. • (by the way, you’re not supposed to answer if you are a student.) • Raise your hands if you know something about Digital Divide.
  3. 3. • Affects many people • Only getting worse • The need for technology in this world is very important • This affects other global issues like poverty and illiteracy
  4. 4. • Look at these equations: Digital Divide= Rich + $ Digital Divide= Poor - $ Digital Divide= Poor people – connection to outer world – further education. • THAT is why Digital Divide is an important global issue.
  5. 5. • Many organizations have been formed • Technology has been donated to the victims of the digital divide • Some people that live in rural areas have been also provided with accessible technology.