DrupalCon: Maximizing Your Sponsorship Investment


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This presentation is for DrupalCon sponsors. It provides pro-tips on how to get the most out of their sponsorship investment.

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DrupalCon: Maximizing Your Sponsorship Investment

  1. 1. Getting the Most out of your Sponsorship Megan Sanicki April 2014
  2. 2. What are your sponsor goals? ● Leads & Business Development ● Talent recruitment ● Demonstrate community leadership
  3. 3. 5 Steps to Success 1. Be Proactive 2. Define your goal and message 3. Promote through all channels 4. Define and track metrics for your goals 5. Celebrate success and relax at VIP Happy Hour with Dries ○ Wednesday - 5:30 - 7:30
  4. 4. Be Known: Before, During, After Before ● Contact your database/followers ○ Educate, invite, raffle with newsletter, blogs, social media, calls ○ Social media: @drupalCon, #drupalcon, @drupal, #drupal During ● Team “uniform” and business cards - street teams! ● Coach team on the message and goal - give metrics ● Blog, tweet about the event ● Participate in BoFs, special events ● Booth - Promote message, raffles, collect cards After ● Follow up with all contacts within 48 hours
  5. 5. Lead Generation: New Clients ● Review attendee profile. ○ Reach out and set up meetings ○ https://austin2014.drupal.org/community ● Your staff should have a goal for # of: ○ Sales meetings ○ Conversations ○ Business cards
  6. 6. Lead Generation: Existing Pipeline ● DrupalCon is a Sales tool ● Use DrupalCon as a reason to reach out again ○ Lost deals, active leads, expand client footprint ○ Send out: Newsletter, blogs, Con related tweets ■ “Come hear us talk”, “check out this BOF with us” ■ Raffle a DrupalCon ticket
  7. 7. Lead Generation: Existing Pipeline ● Invite prospective clients and existing clients to attend ○ Exhibit Hall Pass $99 / day ○ Host a dinner (prospects meet your clients) ○ Show them around - be the community expert ○ Take them to a Business Showcase and lunch
  8. 8. Lead Generation: Partnerships ● Scout sponsors, companies to partner with ● Set up meetings in advance ● Attend CxO (dev shops) - All day Monday, $199 ● VIP Happy Hour - Wednesday 5:30 - 7:30pm ● Have one person free to network ○ Exhibit hall, BoFs, hallway track, parties
  9. 9. Talent Recruitment ● Booth: ○ Big “we’re hiring” sign ○ Print out job postings ● Set up meetings in advance - Attendee Profile ● Post to DrupalCon job board ● Network! Hand out “job” business cards ● Demonstrate why your company’s great ○ Tweet pics of team having fun together ○ Blog about how you let your team give back
  10. 10. Community Thought Leadership ● Booth: ○ Highlight your message: modules, Supporting Partner ● Attend Community Summit, BoFs ● Blog, tweet, take pics ● Join the Contribution Sprint - Friday ● Attend Drupal board meeting - Wed lunch ○ Share the news with your local community
  11. 11. Networking 101 ● Bring plenty of business cards! ● Prepare a concise 10-second “elevator pitch” stating what you do, but give it only if asked, and after you've asked for same. ● Avoid gravitating to people you know. ● Try openers which simply introduce yourself: “Hi, I haven’t met you yet. My name is ____.” ● Talk to people who are by themselves, or pair up with a friend and introduce yourselves to people. ● Don't try to sell anything. Rather, establish a relationship. Find out more about them than you tell about yourself and your company. ● When giving a person your card, personalize it by hand writing your cell number on it. This will cause the recipient to feel that they are receiving something special.
  12. 12. Recap 1. Be Proactive 2. Define your goal and message 3. Promote through all channels 4. Define and track metrics for your goals 5. Celebrate success and relax at VIP Happy Hour (Wednesday!)