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Digital Brand Strategy for Michael Kors


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For New Media Driver's License course at MSU. This is a digital brand strategy for the Michael Kor's brand.

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Digital Brand Strategy for Michael Kors

  1. 1. Digital Brand Strategy for Michael Kors By Megan Ricica
  2. 2. The BIG Idea • Use social media to promote the brand • Promote customer interaction on social media • Michael Kor’s weekly blog • #MyMichaelKors
  3. 3. The Blog • Keeping up with Michael Kors • Use designer status • Let customers into Michael Kors’ fashionable world • Showcase sneak peeks
  4. 4. Social Media and Digital PR • #MyMichaelKors • Customers showcase purchases • Have company share customers photos • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter • constantly monitor, update, and engage with customers for this campaign to be successful • Brand Value increase
  5. 5. Inbound Marketing • Track leads and visitors to website • Landing page that prompts visitors to take action • Attract visitors by using keywords • Prompt to purchase products
  6. 6. KPI Michael Kors will be tracking: • Sales Revenue • Cost per Lead • Customer Value • Return on Investment • SEO • Landing page traffic • Traffic to lead ratio • Lead to customer ratio
  7. 7. Goals/Timeline/Success
  8. 8. Conclusion