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Blogies ceremony


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Published in: Education
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Blogies ceremony

  1. 1. The 2010 Blogie Awards The Ceremony
  2. 2. Our nominees begin to arrive. Gorgeous!
  3. 3. Nice to see that everyone got dressed up.
  4. 4. Now that’s more like it! Lookin’ good, Stu ...
  5. 5. Blogies guests take their seats.
  6. 6. Look! Nominees! Aaron takes his chances sitting next to Ingrid, The Un-Nominee!
  7. 7. Brad Pitt look out!
  8. 8. Three nominees in a row. Wow!
  9. 9. Lucky Duncan!
  10. 10. Vicki stuns the Dean with her dress.
  11. 11. Winner of the Thing of Substance Blogie: Vicki!
  12. 12. Winner of the Best Blog Name Blogie. And a lovely picture of Ben and the Dean.
  13. 13. Winner of the Spunkalicious Blogie. Jenny runs away from the Dean.
  14. 14. Winner of the Fearless Blogie. Barry is pleased to accept his award.
  15. 15. Winner of the XtraAbnormal Blogie. Duncan accepts on behalf of DJ Iceman
  16. 16. Blogies guests and nominees enjoy the entertainment from Lady GaGa.
  17. 17. Joint-winner of the Outsider Blogie. Tahlia can’t wait to take Other Red Blogie home.
  18. 18. Joint-winner of the Outsider Blogie. Harriet just wants to groove to those funky toons.
  19. 19. Winner of the Extravaganza Blogie. Jenna will have to get some new toupée tape for Green Blogie.
  20. 20. Winner of the Best Blog Blogie. Red Blogie is thrilled to be awarded to Steven.
  21. 21. Winner of the Golden Blogie: Shannon! Lovely presentation from the Dean.
  22. 22. Golden Blogie and Shannon together at last.
  23. 23. Megan is touched to receive her #1 Blogie trophy. Thanks, everyone!
  24. 24. All the Blogies are now united with their new owners. Congratulations, everyone!