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History on michigan


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History on michigan

  1. 1. History: Michigan <ul><li>Megan McAllister </li></ul>
  2. 2. What do we know about michigan? FACTS: The state of Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes. Michigan is also known as “The Mitten” The capital of Michigan is often mistaken for Detroit, yet it is Lansing. Michigan has hard winters
  3. 3. HISTORY MICHIGAN HAS 5 GREAT LAKES: Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior and Lake Huron. These are the largest bodies of fresh water on the Earth surface.
  4. 4. History, Cont. Michigan is divided into an Upper Peninsula and a Lower Peninsula by Mackinac, which links together Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The two parts of the states are connected by the Mackinac Bridge, which is one of the world’s largest bridges.
  5. 5. Mackinac island Mackinac Island is a great vacation spot in the Upper Peninsula for families or people that are coming from out of the state to enjoy a relaxing weekend. It is one of the Top 10 islands in the world! There are resorts, bed and breakfasts, shopping areas, and so many other activities to enjoy.
  6. 6. History, cont. Michigan is known for so many different resources. *Automobiles *Machine tools *Manufacturing and processing lines *Michigan farms abundant in growing crops such as: cherries, apples, beans, pears, potatoes. *Resources such as: Iron, Copper, Salt, Iodine, Gravel, Gypsum, Cement and Bromine.
  7. 7. Activities in Michigan *State Parks *Camping and Hiking *Fishing *Swimming in the lakes
  8. 8. Activities, cont. State Parks: Maybury State Park: Explored on foot, bike or horseback. This park is known for the “working farm” which is open all year for visitors to see what it was like on a working farm in the 1900’s. The working farms show demonstrations such as making maple syrup, sheep shearing and making honey. Tahquamenon Falls State Park: Over thirteen miles of waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula. It is a beautiful site to see and it is very peaceful.
  9. 9. Activities, cont. There are a lot of places to go camping and hiking in Michigan, but one well known campground is called Cheboygan State Park. Cheboygan State Park: Located on the Straits of Mackinac. Overlooks Lake Huron on the beach front. There are many trails to hike on foot, or cross country ski trails as well.
  10. 10. BIG CITIES LANSING *Capital of the state of Michigan *90 miles west of Detroit *The neighboring city of East Lansing which is known as where Michigan State University is located *Chosen as the capital in 1847 *Lansing quickly became an industrial powerhouse *Known for it’s attractions such as, The Potter Park Zoo which is located near the Red Cedar River. There are plenty of museums, theaters, and the Lansing Symphony Orchestra are known for their great talent. *There are music festivals and JazzFests each year in Lansing.
  11. 11. BIG cities, cont. DETROIT *Detroit is home to Motown music which was founded in 1957. *It is home to the Detroit Institute of Arts, a phenomenal museum. *Potato Chip Capital of the World! *The country’s largest island park within a city is in Detroit, which is--Belle Isle. *Was home to the Model T *Many inspirational people in the world today made a difference in Detroit, for example: Rosa Parks, Henry Ford and Martin Luther King, Jr. * Home to the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Red Wings *One of the most fabulous theaters, The Fox Theatre is in Detroit
  12. 12. Big Cities, Cont. TRAVERSE CITY *Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park is located here. * Casinos *Opera Houses *Known for the city’s Cherry Festival each year *Also known for producing the best wines in the country *Art galleries and performing arts each year *Traverse City was ranked the #8 spot on Top Ten Beach Towns for AOL travel news
  13. 13. BIG CITIES, CONT. GRAND RAPIDS *Known for it’s philanthropic and driven community *Place of abundant natural resources *Big city excitement; over 75 restaurants and night clubs *Known for the Grand Rapids Art Museum and Grand Rapids Children Museum. *Known for attractions such as: Grand Rapids Ballet Company, Opera Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids Symphony and the John Ball Park Zoo.
  14. 14. Assignment *Chose your favorite city in the state of Michigan and explain why you chose this specific city. The city you chose cannot be any of the places listed in the powerpoint. (example: the memories you had in this particular city, who you spent your time with there, what you did and where you stayed) Will be graded on: *Spelling, proper punctuation and grammar *Length must be at least 2 pages *Works cited pages *Sources or quotes must be cited
  15. 15. Sources & works cited Websites used for information: (bridge picture is from here) http: // s_&_Inland_Sites.htm (Great Lakes Picture is from here) / (car picture is from here) (C heboygan State Park picture i s from here) http://www.citytow n/lansing facts-about-detroit http://www.traversecity. com / rapids-fact-sheet/