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Virtual Museum Report 2013



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Virtual Museum Report 2013

  1. 1. Virtual Museum Report: 2013 Les Underhill and Megan Loftie-Eaton - Animal Demography Unit - University of Cape Town
  2. 2. We started 2013 with 29268 records in the Virtual Museum, and ended it with 61517. So the database more than doubled in size, with 32249 records being added!!
  3. 3. Two new taxa were added in 2013: ScorpionMAP was started in March for scorpions and SpiderMAP was launched in August for spiders
  4. 4. Perhaps the surprise of the year was with OdonataMAP, we started 2013 with 2998 records and ended with 7163 records, a growth of 169%, a doubling plus two-thirds more records than were there at the start of the year!
  5. 5. The count of records began in June 2010 when the “upload-over-the-internet” system started. Prior to that, records, only of butterflies and reptiles, were sent by email and uploaded manually at the ADU. 16000 records were uploaded in this way The Virtual Museum also contains the records of specimens in museums for reptiles, frogs and butterflies, and these total half a million records. So the total size of the Virtual Museum is 580 000 records.
  6. 6. There were milestone events for the Virtual Museum in 2013, and two involved butterflies. The “butterfly atlas” – the culmination of the Southern African Butterfly Conservation Assessment (SABCA) – was launched in April
  7. 7. In October, SABCA morphed into LepiMAP, the Atlas of African Lepidoptera. Whereas SABCA was limited to butterflies, LepiMAP includes both moths and butterflies. SABCA was limited to South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland; LepiMAP’s parish is Africa
  8. 8. MammalMAP partnered with EWT and SANBI to launch the revision of the Red Data Book for mammals in South Africa. MammalMAP is responsible for producing the distribution maps
  9. 9. In December, Project Painted Lady was launched to highlight the importance of not overlooking a common and widespread butterfly species, and to promote the LepiMAP concept
  10. 10. The instructions for submitting records to the Virtual Museum are available at anloftieeaton/how-to-submitrecords-to-the-animaldemography-units-virtualmuseums-28710898