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New media technologies evaluation


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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New media technologies evaluation

  2. 2. THE INTERNET We used YouTube to:• Research real media texts (such as existing Radiohead videos) • Get an idea of our target audience
  3. 3. THE INTERNET We used Facebook to: • Get an idea of our target audience• Communicate directly with fans to ask them to participate in our surveys • Research Radiohead as a band LINK TO THE RADIOHEAD FANPAGE:
  4. 4. THE INTERNET We used Survey Monkey to: • Ask questions directly to Radiohead fans • Collect data from anonymous participants • Get an idea of our target audience• Allow creative input from our prospective audience LINK TO OUR SURVEY:
  5. 5. THE INTERNET We used Radiohead forums such as:• To get a better idea of our target audiences other interests • To communicate directly with Radiohead fans • To discuss our ideas to an open and interested audience
  6. 6. HD VIDEO CAMERAWe used a high definition video camera to shoot our music video
  7. 7. DSLR STILL CAMERAWe used a DSLR still image camera to shoot our location ideas and digipak shots
  8. 8. ADOBE PREMIER PROWe used Adobe Premier Pro to edit our video clipstogether LINK TO OUR PREMIER EDITING VIDEO:
  9. 9. ADOBE PHOTOSHOPWe used Adobe Photoshop to edit still images LINK TO OUR PHOTOSHOP EDITING VIDEO:
  10. 10. ADOBE AFTER EFFECTSWe used Adobe After Effects to further edit and manipulate ourvideos LINK TO OUR AFTER EFFECTS EDITING VIDEO:
  11. 11. THE INTERNET We used blogger to document our research and planning, creation and the evaluation of our music videoto show the step by step our video went through to reach the final cut. LINK TO OUR BLOGGER:
  12. 12. VIDEO FEEDBACKWe used a HD video camera to record video feedback to publish on