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Wjec data journalism slides


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Wjec data journalism slides

  1. 1. Hacks and hackers in the classroom Megan Knight University of Central Lancashire @meganknight
  2. 2. The problem  Data journalism is increasingly important in the newsroom  Journalists and journalism students are often unfamiliar with data and tools  Data analysis is not easy to learn quickly − Frustration, fear of failure − Mathphobia
  3. 3. Hacks and Hackers  A model in which journalists (hacks) and computer and data experts work together on projects over the course of a day or a weekend  Developed as a way to transfer skills and collaborate  Aimed at professional journalists  Succesful at the time, but little evidence of long-term engagement with data journalism
  4. 4. The cases DJCamp  Three events since 2010  Professional journalists, varying numbers of “hackers”  Manchester, Preston and Istanbul  Two “HotPot” student projects
  5. 5. s
  6. 6. Conclusions  Start with the story, then find the data  Cleaning takes at least five times as long as anticipated  The more data-experienced the journalist, the more hackers you can have in the room  Research the possible data sets and sources, but don't deliver them at once  Final storytelling presentations are essential  Follow-up?
  7. 7. Questions? Megan Knight University of Central Lancashire @meganknight
  8. 8. Questions? Megan Knight University of Central Lancashire @meganknight