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September Staff Photo Contest


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September Staff Photo Contest

  1. 1. Flip through the slideshow with pictures offound objects and great before/after shots of theFall Clean Up.Vote for your three favorites in the pollbelow the slideshow.The top three vote get-ers will compete for agrand prize: free lunch for a month in the newbuildings cafe.
  2. 2. Photo#1: ElephonkeyTOTN Producer Sarah Handel found this "elephonkey" from Manchester, NHduring the primaries for the 2008 elections.
  3. 3. Photo#2: Ari Shapiros Kroc Fellow ApplicationThis Kroc Fellow Application submitted by Ari Shapiro was found in theprogramming division by Anna Sebok.
  4. 4. Photo #3: Kroc Fellow ApplicationsMore old Kroc Fellow applications found during the Fall Clean up byProgrammings Anna Sebok.
  5. 5. Photo#4: Audio TapeHRs Stephanie Clifford trying to decide what to do with the strands of audiotape she found during the clean up.
  6. 6. Photo#5: Old BriefcaseAn old briefcase once belonging to MAP’s Si Sikes was found byProgramming’s Anna Sebok. Think he wants it back?
  7. 7. Photo#6: Training for Fall Clean UpLinda Grabowski showing how she trained for the Fall Clean Up.
  8. 8. Photo#7: Linda Grabowski: Before/AfterGuess the shoveling worked. The before and after shots of Linda Grabowski’sdesk.
  9. 9. Photo#8: Military Photo of George BushLibrarian Kee Malesky found the cover of the Military Biography of GeorgeWalker Bush, the collection of documents and records relating to his experienceduring the Vietnam War. Remember? It was a big story in 2005 (but not a goodone for Dan Rather).
  10. 10. Photo#9: Gwen Outen: Before/AfterTOTN Producer Gwen Outen did a lot of cleaning, check out her office beforeand after.
  11. 11. Photo#10: Found LaptopProgramming’s Anna Sebok found this old laptop.
  12. 12. Photo#11: Secrets Out ButtonMAP’s Jeff Nemic found this funny little button while he was cleaning.
  13. 13. Photo#12: Life-sized Peter and CarlCreative Services’ Kathie Miller found life-sized Peter and Carl cardboardcutouts during the clean up.
  14. 14. Photo#13: Snuggie, Game and Golf BallsMore creative finds from the Creative Services’ team: a snuggie, a puzzle gameand golf balls.
  15. 15. Photo#14: Placidos NumberMultimedia’s Coburn Dukehart found Placido Domingo’s cell phone number inher Rolodex (yes, Rolodex!). Placido gave it to Coburn after she took his picturewith Andrea Bocelli in 2008, inviting Coburn to his performance that night. Shenever called.
  16. 16. Photo#15: Sarah Hanel: Before/AfterThe desk of TOTN Producer Sarah Handel before and after cleaning.
  17. 17. Photo#16: Classic TV SetWhitney Gratton found this classic TV set in a closet at 650 Mass Ave.
  18. 18. Photo#17: Temperance PosterHR’s Alaa El-Koussami found this temperance poster while he was cleaning.
  19. 19. Photo#18: Super Chickens FeatherLegal’s Ruth Goodell found a feather from the mysterious Super Chicken, abird-man that used to share treats with everyone on Halloween. The realquestion is…who has seen the bird?!
  20. 20. Photo #19: Lucho Libres MaskMultimedia’s Coburn Dukehart found this Lucho Libre mask, a gift from aphotographer she wrote about on the Picture Show blog. “I always found it toofrightening to ever put on my face,” she said.
  21. 21. Photo #20: Car Talk Fuzzy DiceAccounting’s Susie Julbe found Car Talk fuzzy dice, a remnant from a publicradio industry conference.
  22. 22. Photo #21: Laura Lee: Before/AfterTOTN’s Laura Lee really got down to cleaning at her desk. This is the beforeand after shots.
  23. 23. Photo #22: Steve Christmas OrnamentMorning Edition Producer Nicole Beemsterboer found this Christmas ornamentof Steve Inskeep that she received from a NPR Member Station years ago.