Clean up grand prize final


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Clean up grand prize final

  1. 1. Flip through the slideshow of found objects and before/after finalists photos from the April, June, September and February Clean Ups. Vote for your one favorite in the poll below the slideshow.The top vote get-er will win the grand prize: free lunch for a month in Sound Bites Café at 1111 North Capitol.
  2. 2. April Clean UpPhoto #1, Lori Kaplan (AIR): Unicorn on a Stick
  3. 3. April Clean UpPhoto #2, George Gary (Communications): Evolution of the NPR Business Card
  4. 4. April Clean UpPhoto #3, Lorna White (WWDTM): NPR Chicago’s Satellite Dish Snow Removal System
  5. 5. June Clean UpPhoto #4, Amy Ta (Tell Me More): Desk, Before and After
  6. 6. June Clean UpPhoto #5, Dorothy DuBuis (Development): Organized Shelves
  7. 7. September Clean UpPhoto #6, Jeff Nemic (MAP): Secret’s Out Button
  8. 8. September Clean UpPhoto #7, Laurie Stearns (OGC): Super Chicken’s Feather
  9. 9. September Clean UpPhoto #8, Coburn Dukehart (Multimedia): Placido’s Number
  10. 10. February Clean UpPhoto #9, Lori Opiotennione (CEO’s Office): Open House Invite to 635 Mass Ave
  11. 11. February Clean UpPhoto #10, Jason Grosman (Software Developer): New Employee Pack