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12/12/12 Blitz Clean Up


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12/12/12 Blitz Clean Up

  1. 1. Andrew Limbong (Tell Me More) holds up a flashlight he found in his file cabinet while cleaning.
  2. 2. Trash bags collected in Communications during the Blitz Clean Up.
  3. 3. Cara Philbin and Renee Kelly (Communications) pose alongside Rishi Hingoraney (Policy and Representation) after doing some cleaning on the 6th Floor.
  4. 4. Cara Philbin (Communications) gets into the cleaning spirit with a bag full of trash.
  5. 5. Frederica Boswell (Tell Me More) searches her desk for more trash to toss in her bag.
  6. 6. Tell Me More’s Michel Martin filled up a recycling bin with papers during the blitz.
  7. 7. Sanaz Meshkinpour (Tell Me More)adds paper to a recycling bag while cleaning out her workspace.
  8. 8. Trash and recycle bags spotted after the Blitz Clean Up in the Tell Me More area.
  9. 9. Everyone who cleaned was able to enter a raffle drawing and a chance to win one of12 prizes from a month of free parking, free lunch or gift certificates to local restaurants.
  10. 10. Priska Neely (Talk of the Nation) was one of thefirst 100 staffers to finish cleaning and got her choice of lunches for the work.
  11. 11. Anna Sebok (a Move Coordinator for Programming) treated her team togingerbread cookies, milk and eggnog as a sweet reward for their cleaning.