Evaluation of our Media Product: Questions 4, 5, 6 and 7


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Evaluation of our Media Product: Questions 4, 5, 6 and 7

  1. 1. 4:Who would be the audience for your media project?
  2. 2. This photo shows our target audience. We appeal to the tastes of male and female teenagers typically aged around 14-19. We feel that girls would appreciate our film, enjoying the friendship storyline as well as the issues raised about ‘stereo-types’ and ‘individuality’ however wewould also appeal to boys with the theme of music and also the cast of attractive girls.
  3. 3. Television programmes such as Skins orMisfits, for the top end of our age bracket, would appeal to our audienceas the sense of character relation makes theseprogrammes seem more realistic.
  4. 4. Also the theme of rock ‘n’ roll music would relate to our audience who, as teenagers, would typically be experiencing lots of genres of music and developing their tastes.Our audience would shopin a range of young trendstores such asH&M, Topshop and alsoindependent shops as thetheme of ‘being different’features heavily in our film.
  5. 5. The target audience we haveaimed our film at would beinteresting in watching the filmmainly because the themes relateto their life. Also, going to thecinema is a popular activity forthe age group of our audience.’10 things I hate about you’ is a filmwhich is similar to ours because of thecontrasting characters. The film wasreleased in 1999 however it stillappeals to a similar audience ofteenagers interested in moviesdealing with real-life teen issues.
  6. 6. 5:How did youattract/address your audience?
  7. 7. GENRE CONVENTIONS Certain genre conventions have been fulfilled within our film. For example, there are typical settings in which you would expect a teen movie to be based around. Ourfilm is set in a college for 16-18 year old students in England. You see typical aspectsof college life such as college bands, corridors and classrooms and also college items such as posters and lockers.
  8. 8. GENRE CONVENTIONSAnother convention that we have fulfilled is that our two main characters originally didn’t mix in the same social groups.
  9. 9. GENRE CONVENTIONSTo a certain extent there’s an element of hostility
  10. 10. GENRE CONVENTIONS However there is a situation that brings them together and unites them with a common interest. This convention is often included in films aimed atteenagers as stereotypes and cliques are an inevitable part of a modern teens social life. Also our two main characters physically look very different to exaggerate the contrast between the pair for example Megan is blonde where Francesca isbrunette. However this in itself is a contrast to a typical stereotype as usually the blonde girl is the nice girl.
  11. 11. USE OF MUSIC The use of music within our film is very important as music is the main theme inthe film. We have included the song ‘Miss Nothing’ by The Pretty Reckless as it is a high energy, rock ‘n’ roll song which features in the introduction and also is the song Megan has to sing in the audition. Taylor Momsen, the lead sing of the band, is the style icon we based Megan’s look on and we felt it would be fitting to also include one of her songs.
  12. 12. UNIQUE SELLING POINT The ‘Unique Selling Point’ our film is a sense of British reality. A lot ofteen films are set in America and often don’t quite relate with the ‘averageteen.’ Characters in typical teen movies seem too extreme. They’re either unintelligent Jocks and air-headed blonde cheerleaders or drug addled rich kids who get away with everything and think they know everything. Our film is subtle yet effective at portraying how different people can build a friendship over a common interest. This is what would entice our target audience of 14-19 year old male and female teens.
  13. 13. FILM RATING Our film would be rated a 12A as there may be minor swearing or‘mature themes’ such as relationships as more characters became involved
  15. 15. PROGRAMMES/ WEBSITES USED We used Adobe We used YouTube for Premiere to edit our research and to upload project our video onto. Blogspot was used We used Photoshop for the write up to import fonts. We used Slideshare to make our slide in to a video clip
  16. 16. TOOLS USED Selection Tool/Cursor Track Select Razor Tool Zoom/Magnify Tool TIMELINE
  17. 17. ADDING VIDEOS TO THE TIMELINE To add videos to the timeline you first select them in the left hand column and drag it to the place to want the video to be on a video track on your time line as shown here Video tracks
  18. 18. ADDING MUSIC TO THE TIMELINE Adding music is very similar to adding videos however you drag the selected audio clip to an audio track on the time line
  19. 19. Video transitions used: Cross Disolve Dip to BlackAudio transitions used:Exponential Fade
  20. 20. QUAD SPLIT SCREEN This is and example of one of our split screen shots. In this example we have four screens in one shot. To do this we selected the video clip we wanted to use and resized the shot by dragging the corners as shown on the red guitar in this photo
  21. 21. ADDING TITLESWe added titles to some of our split screen shots andintroducing character shots to list the cast etc. We added titles by clicking on Title, New Title and then Default Still After naming the title it appears in the left hand column
  22. 22. ADDING TITLES The edit new title window opens where you can add text, select font, change font size and text colour
  26. 26. PRE-LIM MISTAKESA mistake we made in our pre-lim film is that at times we filmedfrom a high angle when we should have been at eye level.However we learnt from our mistake and didn’t do this in ourcoursework.
  27. 27. EDIT TERMSWe used Keyframes to change the volume of the background music sothat speech could be heard and too add effect.We also used this technique in our pre-lim but it’s use was much moresubtle in our coursework film. (Pre-lim)
  28. 28. EDIT TERMSWe’ve used a dip to black in both projects however in our coursework theeffect was appropriately placed not just at the end. In both projects we complied with the 180 degree rule.
  29. 29. FINAL NOTEOur thinking has changed throughout the process of making our film as wediscovered how hard it was to involve a large number of cast. We changed our film ideas slightly to accommodate filming times and time restrictions. Also sets were often unavailable due to us filming in a real college. Wehave learn a lot about editing and media conventions as we realised there was a certain criteria we had to fulfil by making a teen movie. We learn about the importance of continuity and tried very hard to make sure there were no errors. To conclude although the process has been difficult and time consuming we feel very happy with our finished film.