Character and costume


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Analysis of all the costumes worn by characters in our thriller film 'Hush'.

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Character and costume

  2. 2. MOTHER (FOREST SCENE)We decided on patterned, knit For this costume the dominant colour we choseleggings to emphasise the fact was dark blue. This was because commonthat it was extremely cold. The connotations of the colour blue arecold was reflective of the cold sadness, depression, hurt, etc. and this is aatmosphere in the scene so particularly emotional scene in our project.this costume worked well. We decided to scrape back her hair into a neat, high bun. This not The scarf and coat further only showed the emphasised the cold weather characters and again highlighted the cold maturity/age, but also atmosphere. reflected the seriousness of the situation.
  3. 3. MOTHER (BREAKDOWN SCENE)We smudged the make up We again chose to use blue in this costume witharound her eyes to look like it her cardigan and jeans, because a commonhad been washed away with connotation of the colour blue is sadness, and thisher tears. We did this to is another emotional scene in our project.emphasise the idea that shehad been crying and make itseem more real.We decided to leave herhair down and slightlymessy as if it had notbeen brushed in orderto show the distress herdaughters death hascaused her. It also was to The warm pink vest wasreflect how she had chosen to represent thebecome less in control mother’s undying love for herdue to a dramatic child, as pink is a commonchange in her life. connotation of love.
  4. 4. MOTHER (BABY SCENE) We chose a knitted jumper as they are typically a very ‘motherly’ style of clothing. The floralWe decided to pattern knitted across the shoulder also suggestskeep her hair a classic mothering figure as it shows her to beloose in this very feminine and gentle.scene to showher as slightlyyounger andmore innocentas in thisscene herdaughter isjust a baby. Itwas also togive theimpressionthat she wasmore relaxedand calm at The soft grey colour of thethis stage in jumper was chosen to reflecther life. the calm state of the mother with her new baby.
  5. 5. LILY (LIVING ROOM SCENE 1)We wanted her to wearher hair down and havevery little make up on toonce again emphasisethis idea of innocence. The colour choice here was to show her complete innocence, purity and goodness as these are all common connotations of the colour white.
  6. 6. LILY (GARDEN SCENE)We wanted her to wearher hair down and havevery little make up on toonce again emphasisethis idea of innocence. The colour choice here shows the transition from good to bad as her clothes started as a bright white and have started to get darker.
  7. 7. MOTHER (LIVING ROOM SCENE) Once again, her hair is left down and this is to further emphasise the idea of her being a relaxed mother, showing the nice homely environment that they live in.We chose a black jumperin this scene to showthat the mother hasauthority over her childand is the most powerfulcharacter in the room. She is wearing jeans to soften this ‘power’ and make her look like a relaxed, warm, friendly person, suggesting that family life is generally very good.
  8. 8. MOTHER (LIVING ROOM SCENE) Her legs have been covered with a blanket to suggest that she has grown older/more frail than at the beginning of the film.We chose a grey vest topin the second version ofthe living room scene toshow the impact thatthe demon has had onthe family. It was todemonstrate the shift inpower with the motherno longer the strongest.By changing from a blackjumper to a greyvest, the colour has been She is wearing jeans to soften thisdiluted and it represents ‘power’ and make her look like ahow she is no longer the relaxed, warm, friendlydominant character in person, suggesting that family life isthe scene. generally very good.
  9. 9. FRIEND (FOREST SCENE) We chose to dress her quite plainly, almost all in one colour to establish the fact that she was not the most important character in the scene and the focus was not intended to be on her.We dressed her primarilyin black clothes ascommon connotation ofblack aresadness, death, etc. andthis created anappropriate atmospherefor this particular scene. Her hair has been left down to make her seem very natural and to represent the loss of control in this situation as loose hair is much more wild and less easy to control.
  10. 10. ANASTASIA (OUIJIA BOARD SCENES) She wore very little makeup to emphasise this idea of innocence and to make her look typically young, sweet and vulnerable.Her dark clothing meansshe remains fairlyneutral throughout butthere is an underlyingdarkness to herpersonality and this isshown through thiscolour choice. We put her hair half up half down to make her seem quite innocent and feminine. This is also representative of how she is beginning to be taken control of but is not entirely there yet.
  11. 11. LILY (FOREST SCENE) Her extremely pale skin emphasises the fact that she has died and also makes her look much more innocent and weak.The dark clothing onceagain reflects the evilpart of her. The fact that she is wearing a coat and gloves is reflective of the cold atmosphere in this scene.
  12. 12. LILY (BEDROOM SCENE) We chose to dress her entirely in black in this scene to show the full change from good to bad.Theseclothes alsoprovide anevidentcontrast inthecharacter atthebeginningand the endof thesequence.
  13. 13. LILY (LIVING ROOM SCENE 2) The pattern of crucifixes on her leggings indicate that there has been a change in her and she has become more interested in things like that.The white socks werechosen to show thatalthough she wasturning bad, there is stillsome good left in her atthis point in time. The colour choice here shows the transition from good to bad as her clothes started as a bright white and have slowly grown darker and darker.