Casting and costume


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This is all the analysis involved in the casting and costume process of my preliminary task.

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Casting and costume

  2. 2. ANTAGONIST- LITTLE GIRLClassically the antagonist role is portrayed by a strong,fierce, aggressive male. I decided to go against thestereotypical conventions of the thriller genre by using ayoung girl as my antagonistic character. A little girl isable to provoke fear and tension from an audience byplaying upon the traits of innocence and vulnerability.These lull the audience into a false sense of security as a‘sweet’ little girl is never looked at as the prime suspect.Therefore when it becomes evident that this innocentcharacter is infact the antagonist, the audience are farmore shocked because they are not prepared for it.
  3. 3. EXISTING EXAMPLES Screen shot from The Ring.Screen shots from the thriller filmThe Woman in Black. One of the earliest films this idea was published in was The Bad Seed (1956). It was a new phenomenon to the thriller genre, the media and the public, as child crimes were rarely heard of or exposed.
  4. 4. CASTING- LITTLE GIRLName:Abbey Emma Polly Freestone Her curly hairAge: emphasises13 years old the idea of aD.O.B: sweet,15/06/1999 innocent child.Nationality:BritishNatural Accent:English She is generallyAdditional accents/languages: quite smallBasic French, Basic German which makesHeight: her look5ft weak/harmless.Special skills:Ballet, Rowing, Horse RidingPermission (for participation):Granted
  5. 5. BEHIND THE SCENES – MAKEUPIn order to transform my actress into a ‘scary’little girl I did some research into the costumeand makeup used in existing films for similarcharacters.(see ‘EXISTING EXAMPLES’ slide).I used a simple hairstyle, clipping the frontsection back on one side as this is typically a verychildish look.Then to make her seem more creepy, I applied paleskin makeup to give her a somewhat ghostly feel andused black eye shadow to darken the area around hereyes.
  6. 6. FINAL COSTUME- LITTLE GIRL Curly hairstyle emphasises innocence and vulnerability. I removed oneI dressed her in blackto suggest a darkness of the buttonsabout her character from the coatand to encourage the to suggest thataudience to see her something isas bad or evil. not quite right with this girl as it shows that she is imperfect.Knee highsocks are aclassic pieceof costume Pale skin givesfor a little her agirl. ‘haunting’, ‘ghostly’ appearance which fits the Long black coat is almost old fashioned in its style and it looks quite like a dress genre well. which is a common costume for this character as I found from my research.
  7. 7. VICTIMThe victim character is a very flexible part as it can beportrayed in many different forms, but is most typicallya female role. I wanted to continue with this idea ofgoing against the stereotypes and chose a young male toplay this part. This is because typically the gender andyouth of this actor would lead the audience to assumehe was a tough, strong character who would thereforenot get attacked. Going against the stereotypical castingchoice creates an uneasy atmosphere and sets theaudience more on edge as it is not something they areused to seeing, which adds tension to the thriller film.
  8. 8. EXISTING EXAMPLES Ted Grey from Pathology.Screen shot of Stuart Shepard fromThe Phone Booth. The best existing example of this type of casting can be seen in The Woman in Black, looking at Arthur Kipps.
  9. 9. CASTING- VICTIMName:Jake Matthew Freestone Stubble and facialAge: piercing make him seem20 years old more intimidating soD.O.B: audience do not expect16/01/1993 him to be the victim .Nationality:BritishNatural Accent:English Physique of theAdditional accents/languages: average maleBasic French so he does notHeight: look5ft 10 inches particularlyPermission (for participation): vulnerable.Granted
  10. 10. FINAL COSTUME- VICTIM The costume is very natural for this character, the only specification being ‘dark clothing’ in order to stick to the conventions of the thriller. I wanted this costume to be very subtle and realistic so there wasn’t much to be changed. I liked the facial piercing and stubble as it makes this character look less vulnerable and was generally happy with the costume.
  11. 11. CASTING- EXTRAS My brief for casting the extra was simply a naturalistic parental figure and these were my final two choices. In the end I cast the male extra as he worked better on camera because the female did not follow direction correctly.