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Question 2 slideshow

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your Main Products and your Ancillary Texts?
  2. 2. The video, magazine advert and digipak relate to each other well because the magazine advert and the cover of the digipak are the same image which shows they belong together. The digipak pages show they are part of the same pack because they all have the same background style and colour.
  3. 3. The images on some of the pages are the same image of the artist in a different position, all the images on the digipak show the same artist.
  4. 4. The video relates to the digipak and the magazine advert because it contains the video showing the girl spinning, which we have taken photos from to use for the digipak and advert. Http:// (2.58-3:43)The way the ancillary texts and video work together through synergy sells the album because the audience will recognise them easily. Because the digipak cover and the magazine advert have the same image, they are instantly known separately from each other.
  5. 5. Another aspect that sells the album is the bright, over saturated colours used throughout the texts and in the video. These colours attract the audience as their eye is drawn to bright colours compared to dark. The colours reflect Kate Nashs fun, bubbly personality and style of music which relates them together.The video reinforces Kate Nashs image as it shows vintage items and she wears vintage clothes with wavy hair. This is a typical Kate Nash look.
  6. 6. The fonts, images and colours reinforce Kate Nashs image as the colours are bright, fun and pop style and the fonts are childlike, handwritten and personalised.
  7. 7. The images/ photos used on the ancillary texts reinforce her image because: This pose reflects Kates fun, feminine style. We chose this for one of the sides of the digipak because we could mirror the image on the other side and it would look like she is continuously spinning throughout the digipak. Kate has a very vintage style, the costume she is wearing is girly and has a floaty style skirt, which emphasises her spinning. The dress was chosen because it looks like what Kate would wear.:
  8. 8. This pose was chosen for the front cover of the digipak because it shows the front of the artist. The digipak sides represent her position. The front cover, she is facing the front, the sides she is turned to the sideand on the back she is facing the back. This givesthe digipak continuity and relates them together. Theway she is pulling the sides of the skirt out with a stiffballerina style position, emphasises her femininityand makes her look like a doll.
  9. 9. This pose is the other one of the sides of the digipak. It reflects the other side. On this image she is slightly looking at the camera, this gives it a more personal effect. She is wearing the same girly, vintage dress throughout. Thebackground of the page is a brick wall, thesaturation has been brightened to make it standout against Kates figure. The wall also looks likeit belongs to the walls of the house in thebackground of the front cover image.