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Rock Your Marketing Using Visual Content


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Visual content is a hot buzz work in marketing right now - but what is it and how should you use it?

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Rock Your Marketing Using Visual Content

  2. 2. What is Visual Content for Marketing? • While „visual content‟ is a trendy buzzword, its been around for ages. • Rise in awareness towards visual content due to rise of social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram • Examples of visual content: • Infographics • Photographs • Graphic text, such as quotes • Presentations • Videos
  3. 3. Why Use Visual Content? • What did you notice first on this slide – the image or the text? • Images cut through visual clutter and stand out • Images can evoke emotion quickly • A picture really is “worth a thousand words”
  4. 4. How to Use Visual Content in Marketing • Instagram • Share product images • Show behind the scenes of your office • Let prospects get to know you personally • USE IT TO: Create relationships, share information, stay top of mind • Pinterest • Inspirational quotes (extremely popular!) • How-to make or do something • More product images • USE IT FOR: Pin It to Win It Contests, Website Traffic
  5. 5. Resources for Making Visual Content Not all small businesses can afford in house graphic designer and photographers. Here are some resources for making your own (professional looking) visual content. Stock Photos: • Morgue File • Death to the Stock Photo • Free Range Stock Image Editing: • PicMonkey • Pixlr • Gimp
  6. 6. Resources for Making Visual Content Continued Text/Quote Generators: • Quozio • Pinstamatic • Be Happy Infographics: • Infogram • Easelly • Pikto Chart
  7. 7. For More Information about Visual Content Visit Author • Megan Corwin, Internet Marketing Strategist • Visual Content Lab, Columbus OH • Twitter: @mcorwin • Instagram: @visualcontentlab