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Health care delivery system


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Intro to professional nursing

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Health care delivery system

  1. 1. Healthcare Travel Nursing
  2. 2. Goals Of Travel Nursing  Professional  New Clinical Skills  Build Resume  Expand Career Options  Personal  See the country  “Try Out” new places without making the commitment to move there
  3. 3. Who are traveling nurses?
  4. 4.  Assignments can vary in length from a few days to several months, depending on the nurse's availability, and the facility's needs.  This mean nurses must be flexible and ready to leave there location at all times.  These nurses are often away from family for long periods of time and are willing to give up a lot of things
  5. 5.  There are 21 listed benefits and they are: Free medical insurance, D.P insurance, 1st day insurance, Professional insurance, One bedroom house, Nursing Lic., Furniture choice, free utilities, Option corp, house, salary over $30, CEU reimbersment, 401k plan, comp bonus, week drt. Deposit, Jcaho, sick day, month off, pre. Empl. Screening, moving expences, pay guarantee, and the last one car rental.
  6. 6.  The first five companies offer all these benefits  Aya Healthcare  FlexCare Medical Staffing  Health Providers Choices  Valley Healthcare Systems  Voyage Healthcare
  7. 7.       The next five companies offer one less benefit but they vary. Healthcare Seeker: do not offer 401k IPI Travel: do not offer sick day One Staff Medical: no free Medical Insur. Premier Healthcare Professionals: No fee Utilities PRCS: No JCAHO(Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations )
  8. 8.  There is conjecture on how much do the travel nursing companies make off of a traveling nurse. $10-$25 is what I found nothing concrete.
  9. 9. List of things you need to be a travel nurse  You need your paper work: resume, licenses, certificates, your contract, personal ID, tax forms, medical records, emergency contact information, and any paperwork from your new facility or your staffing agency  You want to pack light, pack casual clothes, work uniforms, some dressy items, 4 different set of shoes, and appropriate jacket for the weather.
  10. 10.  You will need to ask your company what type of basics the house you will be staying in will have and bring what you will need  You also need to get directions, your company will supply you with them and you might want to invest in a GPS to help navigate your new city.
  11. 11. Nursing Skill Assessment  You will need to fill out a nursing assessment to get hired. You need to fill out the assessment with confidence but not over confidence. The assessment had you grading yourself with a number system, 0-4. Zero meaning you have no skill and Four, you are very proficient.
  12. 12. How does a traveling nurse get their money? Travel nurses are placed by a travel nurse agency The facility at which the travel nurse temporarily works pays the agency which in turn pays the nurse.
  13. 13. Are they for profit or not for profit or both?  Gets paid a salary just as a regular RN would but salary is usually quite a bit higher
  14. 14. Who do traveling nurses care for?
  15. 15. Anyone and Everyone!
  16. 16. Are there any other education requirements to work as a traveling nurse?  RN    Degree Diploma ADN Bachelor’s  N-CLEX
  17. 17.  Training/Work   Experience 1 – 5 years RN experience Specialty areas  Certification  Might be required for specialty areas such as Pediatric or Psychiatric
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