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Task2 cost grid


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Task2 cost grid

  1. 1. What is print? Hand Mechanical Digital Etching Letterpress Photocopying Linocut Gravure Laser printing Lithography Screen process Desktop publishing Choose 2 from each sections Extra marks if you do all 3!Skills Cost Time PicturesEtching £55-£120 2 minutesLinocut £16-£54 2 days
  2. 2. Hand printing!skills Cost Time PicturesEtching is the process of usingstrong acid or mordant to cut £55-£120 2 minutesinto the unprotected parts ofa metal surface to create adesign in intaglio in the metal(the original process—inmodern manufacturing otherchemicals may be used onother types of material).Linocut is a printmakingtechnique, a variant of £16-£55 7 hourswoodcut in which a sheet oflinoleum (sometimesmounted on a wooden block)is used for the relief surface.A design is cut into thelinoleum surface with a sharpknife, V-shaped chisel orgouge.
  3. 3. Skills Cost PicturesEtching £55-£120Linocut £16-£54