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Task 7


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Task 7

  1. 1. Main stories; Frankie cocoza interview Yeah you and Kirk got along really Do you haveHello, so have you well do you still anything to sayGot anything planed? about the whole see each other?Hi, erm yeah I think I’ve X Factor thing?Got some things going on Yeah! All the time, we’re really close Yeah, I justMusic-wise. want to say to Aww, that’s good! sorry to So, have you seen everyone whosWe heard rumours of an the twins since? involved in theAlbum is that true? Yes I have, but x factor, andI’d love to but sadly no, thank you for lets just say I’mThat’s not true! giving me the not planning on seeing them amazingOh that’s a shame! So anytime soon… opportunityHow was your time in the Oh take it your not Okay, thanksBig Brother House? the best of for your timeYeah, It was amazing! I friends? Frankie, see you soon!Got along with everyone (laughs) you couldSo well! say that! See you, bye.
  2. 2. What not to wear!Katie Perry wore this to the Nicki Minaj wore this The highly talentedMTV Movie Awards, we think to a recent awards Lady Gaga wore thisshe look awful. The blue hair ceremony, we don’t to the MTV awardsis not a good look. think this is her at her and looked like some best as she looks a bit sort of alien! like a Christmas tree.
  3. 3. Sub story Harry Styles and Caroline Flack going back out?The two made a public break up which ended in them both saying that they just want to be friends, but a friend of Harry said to us “The break up isn’t 100 percent true, lets just say they still see each other”. So could it be true? Could 32 year old Caroline and 18 year old Harry still be going out? Harry has always said how is family support him with the choices he makes so are they willing to let a new member to the family?