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How to: Optimise Twitter for your Business


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So you've taken your business online with Twitter. Now what?

Find out tips & tricks of using Twitter lists and features to build brand success using social media.

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How to: Optimise Twitter for your Business

  1. 1. OPTIMISING <br />TWITTER FOR BIZ<br />useful tips, tools, & tricks<br />JUNE 2011<br />
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Optimising for Twitter<br />What is Twitter?3<br />Interface & Functions5<br />Following & Lists 8<br />On-Site Opportunities11<br />Next Steps13<br />
  3. 3. WHAT IS TWITTER? twitter demystified<br />@twitter<br />?<br />@twitter<br />
  4. 4. WHAT IS TWITTER? twitter demystified<br />5 Things People Expect From A Successful Twitter Account:<br />Personality – A twitter account is a community personified, so you want to have an authentic and fluid voice. No one wants insights from a robot. Avoid monotony by mixing it up.<br />Expertise – If you’re not a close personal friend, you’re likely being selected as THE source of information on a specific topic. Make sure your topic areas are clearly defined & your updates are consistent within these areas.<br />Exclusive Commentary – People are looking to you to share useful news or insights in your topic area as only you can. Share the things you know or are questioning in real time.<br />Engagement – Twitter is not a megaphone, it’s a community. People want to know that you’re listening to them too. Don’t be afraid to retweet or comment on relevant posts. Build a discussion & answer their questions whenever you can.<br />@twitter<br />
  5. 5. INTERFACE & FUNCTIONS when to use what & where<br />@twitter<br />
  6. 6. INTERFACE & FUNCTIONS trending topics<br />Trending Topics are an easy way for users to follow updates around a specific topic of interest. They are also a way for users to identify the topics that fellow users are most interested in hearing new information and insight about.<br />Some ways to make the most of trending #tags:<br />Tagging similar posts with the same relevant hash (devised to support your subject or interest)<br /><ul><li>This way if followers are most interested in prices or results, they can follow the hash for the latest updates.</li></ul>Identifying existing popular topics & joining the conversation<br /><ul><li>By staying on top of latest trending topics in the region, you can reach new potential followers by commenting using the same #tag.
  7. 7. ie, If #favoritevaction is a popular Sydney topic & you’re a city, then make the case for why your city is a #favoritevacation spot.</li></ul>Unsure what a trending topic means? That’s okay, use to identify & explain the latest trends! You can also search trends and discover ones by location.<br />WhatTheTrend<br />
  8. 8. INTERFACE & FUNCTIONS sharing tiny links: BIT.LY<br /># of clicks<br />1.) Paste link to refer<br />Click timeline<br />2.) Click to customize<br />3.) Customize link<br />Referrer details<br /><br />
  9. 9. FOLLOWING & LISTS best practices<br />Pay attention to ‘Similar To...’ denotations<br /><ul><li>With every new follower or following added, twitter will recommend a grouping of like-minded tweeters automatically</li></ul>Monitor ‘Lists following [your @handle]’<br /><ul><li>See who these lists are also following and follow like-minded & relevant tweeters</li></ul>Use owned Twitter Lists to curate influencers<br /><ul><li>Follow pre-curated lists during live events to find relevant tweets to retweet. Ie, if you’re a tv show, make a list of tv critics online and see what they’re saying during your big premiere, etc.
  10. 10. Warning! Use ‘make list private’ feature where necessary</li></li></ul><li>FOLLOWING & LISTS listorious<br />1.) Enter topic of interest<br />2.) Browse for list covering a relevant topic of interest<br />listorious<br />3.) Select relevant tweeters to follow<br />
  11. 11. FOLLOWING & LISTS followerwonk<br />Choose relevant profile identifier (ie, noun or interest area)<br />Click ‘more search options’ for better search-ability<br />Enter location (Country or large city)<br />Tag a minimum # of followers (Recommended: at least 100)<br />Consider useful stats like #of followers<br />Browse profiles looking for relevant tweeters to follow<br />followerwonk<br />
  12. 12. ON-SITE OPPORTUNITIES nearbytweets & hootsuite<br />Relevant #trend<br />Follower count<br />Interested topic reference<br />OPTION 1: Use to narrow your listening pool to identify high priority comments - Select your specific location and a relevant topic to target discussions around a specific event. Identify & Respond to potential followers.<br />OPTION 2: Use HootSuite on ipad (like TweetDeck) to quickly identify influential tweeters – Pre-select relevant trending topics & lists to monitor social chatter. Target & respond to tweeters who have a higher level of influence & followers. Follow them too!<br />Add to list!<br />NearbyTweets<br />
  13. 13. ON-SITE OPPORTUNITIES taking photos<br />Twitpic Opportunities (OR VIDEO!):<br />Photos with notable and/or high-profile personalities on-site or at events<br /><ul><li>**REMINDER** Ask them if their on twitter and tag their @handles with the image!</li></ul>Key Moments – Whether a crowd shot or unexpected occurence, snap whatever interesting shots you can get. Again, don’t forget to tag the people or venue with the photo.<br />**Interview fans or influencial personalities on-site for bonus video content!**<br />
  14. 14. NEXT STEPS weekly milestones<br />Determine 3 total trend #tags to use to distinguish content you cover each week.<br />Identify 1 relevant Top 10 public trending topic to comment on (either worldwide or within your region).<br />Follow 100 new people (20 a day)using existing ‘Lists who follow [your @handle]’ to identify them.<br />Customise at least 1 link to accompany a twitter post.<br />Twitpic 1 image or video from a live event and tag accordingly with personal commentary.<br />
  15. 15. MEGAN ANHALT<br />strategist<br /><br />phone. 02 8281 3293<br />twitter. @megbomb<br />