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Construct2 games tech2

  1. 1. About Construct2Free HTML5 Game Engine and using it for library programs!
  2. 2. Why Games?According to Pew Internet Research:In Youth Ages 12-17, they found that:• Game playing is universal, with almost all teens playing games and at least half playing games on a given day.• 97% of American teens ages 12-17 play some kind of video game.• 99% of boys say they are gamers.• 94% of girls report that they play games. SOURCE: Lenhart, A. (2007, September 16). Major new study shatters stereotypes about teens and video games .Pew Internet and American Life Project: Pew Research Center. Retrieved from teens-and-video-games.aspx
  3. 3. What Teens learn by makingtheir own video games:Teens learn:1. Technology: Construct2 is a game engine that uses HTML5 to build games which can be ported to the web, smartphones and tablets. (Technological Literacy!)2.Digital graphic management.3.Game logic which depends on real life physics, boolean logic and geometric formulas.4.Teens become creators, instead of consumers.
  4. 4. Free* Game Engines*All are free to use, but some may need a license or full download to make money off yourgames or to port to mobile device.• Construct2: o Well be looking at this one!• Unity: o 3D Game engine• Blender: o Can be used for animating and has a game engine. Open Source.
  5. 5. Construct2 is good forbeginners and librariansI chose Construct2 because:1. Construct2 is easy to learn and manage. a. Good online and active forums: b. Comprehensive online manual: c. Very good tutorials that actually help users understand how the system works in a fun, engaging way: is free to use.3.Construct2 can be installed, run and used without need for IT or technical services to help out.
  6. 6. Scirras Construct2Free Intuitive Engine: This is an HTML5 Game Engine which can create games that can be viewed and played on the web. The engine can be licensed* but the Free Edition is a great place to start and is nearly fully functional.** * starting at around $100, the games can then be ported to tablets and smartphones and ** more game "events" can be added... for beginners we dont need this!
  7. 7. Construct2 is Easy!It is a tiny program and can even be installed and run from a USB Drive!Learning to usethe game logic isnthard: its very visualand modular.
  8. 8. Easy to follow layout:Very visual! Arrange items on layout
  9. 9. Easy to follow event sheet:Events Sprites
  10. 10. Events are built visually...This video gives you a good idea:
  11. 11. Demo:Comments?Questions?:)