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Ed and -ing

  1. 1. ParticipialAdjectives Learn how to use -ed and –ing adjectives in English.
  2. 2. Participial Adjectives look like verbs,but they are really adjectives. Theirfunction is to describe nouns. English uses many pairs of –ed and –ing adjectives. You probably know some of these adjectives already. Let’s think about some Examples
  3. 3. Miguel didn’t sleep very well lastnight. To make things worse, he had to getup early this morning because his bossasked him to come to work early. When hegot up, he realized that he had run out ofcoffee. Poor Miguel. Today he feels . . .These are adjectives, even though they endwith –ed. They describe how Miguel feels.
  4. 4. School is difficult, but Melissa enjoys itbecause she loves to learn. She especiallyloves her Science class because the teacheris very good. The teacher’s class is neverboring; on the contrary it’s . . . These are adjectives, even though they end with –ing. They describe the class.
  5. 5. More examples of–ed and –ing adjectives:
  6. 6. -ed -ingthrilled thrillingfascinated fascinatingamazed amazingshocked shockingembarrassed embarrassingconfused confusingfrightenedfrighteningdepressed depressingamused amusingannoyed annoyingdistracted distracting
  7. 7. What’s the difference between the –ed and –ing form of adjectives?• -ed adjectives describe the way a person feels.• -ing adjectives describe someone’s personality, a place, an event, an experience, etc. *If something is __________ing, it will make you feel ________ed.
  8. 8. More examples . . . 1. Tom’s job is boring. He feels bored when he’s at work. Tom is bored because his job is boring. 2. Jane thinks that computers are interesting. She is interested in studying computers in the future.
  9. 9. 3. My friend was feeling depressed, so I invited him to come out with us to see an amusing movie. I thought it might make him laugh a little.4. Tripping in front of other people can be really embarrassing. I always feel embarrassed when this happens!
  10. 10. Now it’s your turn!1. confus- English grammar can be extremely ________________. It makes me feel ________________.2. fascinat- Millions of tourists are __________________ with Balboa Park. This place is absolutely __________________.
  11. 11. Practice …
  12. 12. surprise
  13. 13. Was the little girlsurprised or surprising?Was the party surprisedor surprising?
  14. 14. exhaust
  15. 15. How does the man feel:exhausted or exhausting?Was the marathonexhausted or exhausting?
  16. 16. bore
  17. 17. Was the speech bored orboring?The people in the audiencefelt bored or boring?
  18. 18. annoy
  19. 19. It’s annoyed or annoying whenpeople talk loudly on their cellphones?I was annoyed or annoying whenthat guy was talking loudly onhis cell phone?
  20. 20. satisfy
  21. 21. Was the woman satisfiedor satisfying when she gother favorite meal?Was the meal satisfied orsatisfying?
  22. 22. frustrate
  23. 23. The man feels frustratedor frustrating?His job can be frustratedor frustrating?
  24. 24. shock
  25. 25. The news was shocked orshocking?The woman was shocked orshocking when she readthe news?
  26. 26. embarrass
  27. 27. How does the boy feel?embarrassed or embarrassing?Is being scolded embarrassedor embarrassing?
  28. 28. interest
  29. 29. Is the student interestedor interesting in learning?Is the class interested orinteresting?
  30. 30. excite
  31. 31. Riding roller coasters isexcited or exciting?Do the people on theroller coaster feel excitedor exciting?
  32. 32. disappoint
  33. 33. It’s disappointed ordisappointing to lose arace?The runners who didn’t winfelt disappointed ordisappointing?