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Ecology and environment


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Environment Resource Management

Ecology and environment

  1. 1. Ecology andBy : Mainatul Ilmi Environment
  2. 2. EnvironmentOrganism and non organism surround us which isinclude natural environment and man-madeenvironment.
  3. 3. EcologyThe study of living organisms in the natural environment. Howthey interact with one another. How they interect with theirnonliving environment.In ecology, study about :- Ecosystem- Food chain- Food web- Population- Biodiversity- Etc.
  4. 4. Food ChainA food chainshows the flow ofenergy betweenthe organisms inenvironment.
  5. 5. Food WebFood web is put many food chain in one ecosystem.
  6. 6. Population Impact in The FoodWeb (-) Producers (-) Primary Consumers (-) Primary Consumers (+) Producer and (-) Secondary Consumer
  7. 7. nThe buildup of toxins intop consumers aftereating many smallerorganisms in a foodweb.
  8. 8. Impact of Bioaccumulation in The Food Web Toxin (toxic) might cause problems with the functions of an organism. - Impairs reproduction - Kills off members of species - Prevent organisms from reproduction In the food web will : (-) Top consumers (+) Low level consumers
  9. 9. Manage Balance Population in Ecosystem- Keep the existance the habitat of organisms living.- Doing conservation in several of natural resources.- Protect the wild life with law.- High awareness from people to keep natural diversity.
  10. 10. n Ecology is the study that concern aboutinteraction of organism in environment. So, environment is a main part for makingrelationship that occur between organisms and theirnatural and man-made environment. Thiscircumstance is can not separate each other.