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MeeX International Products and Consultancy Services.

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Mee X International

  1. 1. MeeX International2915 Poplar Isle, Missouri City, Texas, 77459. USATel# 281-691-0299 Fax# 281-778-9672 Email:
  2. 2. MeeX tnternationalMeeX International trade covers three distinct solutions: A. Drilling Solution B. Flow Control Solutions. C. Rotating Solutions.MeeX International clients include major international, regional andnational Oil and Gas Companies in USA, Middle East, Africa and CentralAsian region. Exploration and drilling companies, refineries,petrochemical plants, pipeline projects, suppliers, stockiest and EPCcontractors are our regular clients.
  3. 3. Drilling Solutions.• Wellheads Casing Heads. Intermediate Spool. Tubing Heads, Spool and Head Adapters. Casing hangers. Tubing Hangers Christmas Trees. Drill Collars, Integral and Heavy weight drill pipe. Integral Spiral Blade Stabilizers. Wellhead components: Tees, crosses, Seal subs, Valve removal plugs, flow tees,GoatHeads,Bottom hole Test Adapters. MeeX International
  4. 4. Drilling Solutions Precise Micro pore Composite Screen PMC• Precise Micro pore Composite Screen is an upgraded technology of sintered premium screen and unwoven metal fiber screen.• PMC screen applies multi-layers of stainless steel meshes as filter media with strong inner supporting shroud and outer protective shroud to ensure high integral strength and high reliability. MeeX International
  5. 5. Drilling Solutions.Precise Punched Slot Screen -PPS• Precise punched slot screen is an upgraded technology of slotted liner, wire wrapped screen, suitable for coarse grain formation and horizontal open hole.• PPS has more reliable sand control performance and higher oil productivity than conventional slotted liner and wire wrapped screen. MeeX International
  6. 6. Drilling SolutionsWell Completion Toolsa. Stage cementing tool.b. Hydraulic liner hanger.c. Sliding Sleeve.d. Hydraulic liner hanger packere. Swellable Packer.f, Horizontal Liner Hanger packerg.Compresion Set Packer. MeeX International
  7. 7. Drilling Solutions Chemicals• Stimulation Chemicals -LCF• Drilling Fluid Chemicals and Additives.• Cementing Chemicals. MeeX International
  8. 8. Drilling Solutions Stimulation Chemicals• Advanced stimulation chemicals is applied to low pressure wells (pressure coefficient <1.00).• This fluid is made of macromolecule materials and known as Loss control fluid.• Technical Features: Medium level viscosity, excellent solid carrying capability. Safe and envirinment friendly and easy to be mixed and handled.• Specifications: Density1.00g/cm3 to 1.03g/cm3. Viscosity 30mPa.s - 100mPa.s Temperature: Atmospheric temperature 140C Stability : 30 days.• Application Conditions: Meets the working condition for completions, testing, work over in low pressure wells (pressure coefficient 1.0). MeeX International
  9. 9. Drilling Solutions DRILLING FLUIDS AND ADDITITIVES• Aluminum Distearate Ammonium Bicarbonate• Ammonium Hydrogen Difluoride ATMP• Bentonite Benzoic Acid 98% min.• Calcium Bromide 52% Caustic Soda Beads 990/0• Calcium Lignosulfate CMC• EDTA EDTA4Na• Erythorbic Acid Formic Acid 850/0min.• Fumaric Acid 99%, min. Glutaraldehyde 50,%• BEC Hexarnethyl.enetetramine• Methanesulfonic Acid 99%170% Nitrilotriaoetic Acid Solid• PPG PEG• Potassium Carbonate 98% min. Cera,mic Proppant.- Sodium Acetate Trihydrate Sodium Benzoate BP98• Sodium Bicarbonate 99% min. Sodium Bromide 45%• Sodium Bromate 99% Sodium P-Styrene Sulfonate• Sodium Polyapthalene Sulfonate Sodium Salycilate• Sodium Silicate THPS 75%• Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous 97% min. Tetramethyl Ammonium Chloride• Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate 99 % min. Xanthan Gum Oil Field Grade• Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous Si02:45-47 % Zinc Bromide 72%• Zirconium Chlorideoxide
  10. 10. Drilling Solutions Drilling"FI.uid Chemicals.• H,igh Temperature Anti: brine drilling ftuid.• Natural Macromolecule drilling fluid.• Sylvite drilting flu:id.• Silicate driUing fluid,• Polysulfonate drilling fluid ..• on based Mud and other additives. MeeX International
  11. 11. Drilling Solutions Cementing ChemicalsConventional Cement Slurry - 1.85 -1.90 g/cm3Low density Cement Slurry - 1.55 -1.70 g/cm3.Ultra light density Cement Slurry - 1.20 -1.50 g/cm3.Foam Cement Slurry -0.90 - 1.20 g/cm3. Ultra high density Cement Slurry - 2.30 - 2.60 g/cm3.Metallic Cement Slurry. MTCLatex Cement Slurry.Anti Brine Cement Slurry.Ultrafine Cement Slurry.Fiber Cement Slurry.Low Temperature early strength Cement Slurry MeeX International
  12. 12. Drililing Solutions. Quadraplex Mud Pumps Quatro Mud pumps presents numerous advantages over conventional triplex pumps - its lightweight, compact construction, 1597gpm flow rate, smooth discharge, low vibration for telemetry, quick fluid module replacement and fully assembled. Quatro Mud pumps has 30% greater flow and pressure rates than its predecessor and is raising the bar on performance in the industry.INNOVATIVE DESIGN, METICULOUS EXECUTION!Exceeding standards •••setting new ones."~PRECISION PRODUCT DESIGN
  13. 13. • MeeX International caters a series of standard engineered valves to various industries where reliability is a must. We provide valves which can sustain high cycles, high temperatures, High pressure and extreme conditions. Each valve is tested, cycled fully and verified for any leakage applicable to industrial API6D, CE,TS, ANSI ,IS09001 :2000, IS014001 ,IS018001 ,JIS,DIN and G8 standards with material of CS,SS,AS and special alloy.• Our Valves are mainly used in Petroleum sector - Oil & Gas Subsea, Refining, Production, Topside, cryogenic usages. MeeX International
  14. 14. Flow Control Solutions ValvesBall Valves• Top Entry Ball Valve• End Entry Ball Valve• Floating Ball Valve.• Metal Seated Ball Valve• Cryogenic Ball Valve• Three way Ball Valve.• Wedge Ball Valve• Wafer Ball Valve• Flanged Trunnion mounted Ball Valve. MeeX International
  15. 15. Flow Control Solutions ACTUATORS• Actuators are frequently used as mechanism to introduce motion or to clamp an object so as to prevent motion. Plasma actuators operating at the atmospheric conditions are promising for flow control, mainly their physical properties, such as the induced body force by a strong electric field and generation of heat during an electric arc. ACCUMULATORS• Piston type hydro- pneumatic accumulator can meet diverse need of many industries with a standard or custom desig n.• Series of the products:• Econolator Series• 3000 PSI MAWP Series.• 5000 PSI MAWP Series• 10,000 PSI MAWP Series• Custom Design Series• Bladder Type Accumulators• Open Top Bladder Accumulators MeeX International
  16. 16. Flow control Solutions FlangesMaterials Flange Specifications Types of FlangeCarbon steel • ASTM • Weld neck, Slip on316,304(L),321 ,347 • JIS • Lap Joint, Socket weldStainless • MSS • Blind, Spectacle BlindChrome Molybdenum ·API • Paddle BlindGalvanized • DIN • Spacers, Reducer • British • Expander, AdapterLow Temp (LF2) • Military, Coast Guard • SplitHigh Yield (A707) • Many other specs met • Orifice and many moreOthers as specified. MeeX International
  17. 17. Flow control Solutions Hoses Bellow Couplings -15 to 10,000 Nm Torque Limiters - 0.1 to 160,000 Nm Line Shafts - 10 to 4,000 Nm Miniature Couplings - 0.5 to 10 Nm Elastomer Couplings- 2 to 2,200 Nm Linear Couplings - 70 to 2,000 Nm Boss Lock Type F Adapters Boss Lock Type C Couplers. Boss Lock Type 0 Couplers. Boss Lock Type B Couplers. Polypropylene Adapters. Notch Cam and Groove. Reducing Cam and Groove Couplings. Spool Adapters. MeeX International
  18. 18. Flow control Solutions HosesHydraulic High pressure Hoses.Rubber Industrial Hoses.Drilling and production Hoses.Lightweight Composite Hoses.Nylon Thread Reinforced Braided Hoses.Pneumatic Hoses. ~ MeeX International
  19. 19. PumpsPumps are an integral part of any industry and standard continuous monitoringincreases pump reliability and significantly reduce energy costs. Larger androbust slurry pump models offer longer service life in the most severeconditions.Meex International has the solution to increase operational efficiency andultimately maximizes profits - Land and Offshore. MeeX International
  20. 20. Pumps "" :- -. ~.~- ~ .•.....•.. " , . . l<~ Centrifugal pumps. Subsea Multiphase Pumps and Motors. Shallow Well Jet pumps. Deep well Jet pumps. High pressure chemical injection pumps. Duplex Pumps. Triplex pumps. Hydraulic Pumps- Triplex plunger pumps. Mud pumps (Drilling). Specialty pumps - Multi stage, Bottom-inlet, Head submersibles. Next Generation - Progressing Cavity pump. Down hole pumps Surface Mount Vertical Turbine pumps (SMVT). Submersible Grinder pumps. Dewatering Pumps. Gasoline Engine Driven Specialty pumps. Sewage pumps.
  21. 21. • • • • -u c s: 0 0 - - r-+ ..., CD < 0) co ..., C :::::!l :::::!l 0) 0) CD CD - 0 x X :E :::J :::0 :::0 :::J :::0 "0 0 0 o 0::J CD "0 CD - -- :::J "0 CD en en CD en • • • • -u z 0 s: s:- <<0 - CD CD CO CO:::J CD 0) 0) en -u0 r-+ Z0 CD < .., - 0 -Cc- 0 0 :::J <- 0CD c :::0 CD en r-+OJ c- O CD ..,...,0) - CD "0 :::0--c. OJ .., CD en 0 "0CD 0)C. -- c. CD :::0 CD C."0 0CD :::0en 0- "0 CD en -
  22. 22. D) • C)~CDCD - r -- " -- tn :::r • I -->< -- ::::J CO :::l (Q::J en, I..,CD::JQ) 0---, I0 - s:::J 0Q) 0 ..., -- ::::J CO en
  23. 23. s:CD • • •CD><::J, ICD....,::JQ)--,o I::J •Q) ••
  24. 24. ~,-,.!I Zinc Coated Steel Wire StrandsCompacted Steel Wire Strands Appllcatlons :""Cra;ne,Logging, Shlpplnq, Mining, Fishing, General Purposes. MeeX International
  25. 25. MeeX International2915 Poplar Isle, Missouri City, Texas, 77459. USATel# 281-691-0299 Fax# 281-778-9672 Email: