Insights from @33voices interview with Cal newport


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Insights from @33voices interview with Cal newport

  1. 10 Inspirational Moments from Cal New port
  2. Assistant Professor of ComputerScience at Georgetown University.Has appeared on abc, nbc, and cbs and on over 50 radio networks. His study hacks blog attracts over 100,000 Visitors a month. author of so good they can’t ignore you.
  3. 1. You build career capital by Becoming world-class at a rare and valuable skill
  4. 2. Career success is best achieved with the combination of Skills + relationships + work
  5. 3. Adapt a craftsman mindset by being clear on What you’re offering to theworld that’s rare and valuable
  6. 4. What you do is much less important than how you do it
  7. 5. Focused, deliberatepractice to hone a skillWill quickly distinguish you from the crowd
  8. 6. Passion is the byproduct of A career well developed
  9. 7. Building a rare and valuable skill is Hard work and requires you to coninually s t r e t c h  
  10. 8. Skills trump passion In your quest for a meaningful work
  11. 9. Compelling careers often have complex origins that reject the simple idea that All you have to do is follow your passion
  12. 10. Think small and act big, Become world-class at somethingand focus on making a big impact
  13. Best advice:Don’t follow your passion; let it follow you in your quest to be valuable to the world.
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