Lead The Enterprise Social Revolution: How to Drive Sustainable Adoption


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Lead The Enterprise Social Revolution: How to Drive Sustainable Adoption

  1. 1. Video: http://youtu.be/J6I27uzjS5U
  2. 2. Blockbuster vs netflix story 1999 - IPO 2004 – 9000 stores 2010 – Bankrupt 2013 – RIP #ShiftHappens
  4. 4. Do More w/ Less Evolving Comms Speed of Business BYOD The Next Revolution is Here
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  6. 6. 84% of organizations have remote workers Changes how we work 65% of companies are deploying at least one social software tool Always on -- Consumers use an average of 4 devices every day 20% expect a response within one hour via social media Rise of the social consumer 44% of consumers complain via social media Humans have an intrinsic drive to engage and connect We organize into communities to get things done - at home, and at work Modern social capabilities remove the barriers of geography and time
  8. 8. “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near." JACK WELCH
  9. 9. enhancing
  10. 10. Business Agility Employee Engagement Team Collaboration Connected Enterprise
  11. 11. Partners Customers Prospects Sales Service Marketing HR R&D Operations Organizational silos Ineffective engagement Connected enterprise Facilitate purposeful collaboration " ? ? ? ?
  12. 12. 17 Why won’t 
 this one fit?
  13. 13. Why Training Alone Is Not Working
  14. 14. 80% of social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits due to inadequate leadership 
 and an overemphasis on technology.
  15. 15. Expedite Innovation Drive Engagement Financial Gains $
  16. 16. Social is about empowering bottom-up organization Individuals | Communities | Groups to make 
 top-down business goals successful Increase Revenue | Lower Costs | Reduce Turnover
  17. 17. Facilitate Purposeful Collaboration
  18. 18. Enterprise Social != Destination
 Seamlessly woven into the tools you use everyday to get your work done Project +
  19. 19. Align project management needs to how enterprise social can help Business Value Enterprise Social Purpose 1.  Project Transparency 2.  Team Collaboration 3.  Communications 1.  Visibility, real-time access to project activities 2.  Connecting, collaborating & sharing with teams 3.  Drive faster decisions
  20. 20. Business Needs A way for engineers with immediate project issues to tap into organizational collective professional knowledge Solution •  Utilized Yammer for crowd sourcing •  Integrated AD for single sign on •  Used mobile apps Results •  Exponential adoption •  Increased executive engagement •  Access to relevant information was available faster
  21. 21. Enterprise Social = Get Your Work Done Engage, inspire, retain employees– connecting employees across org, geo, & time boundaries. Enable vital connections & collaboration – connecting employees to partners and partners to customers. Connect with customers and turn them into loyal advocates – connecting sales, service, & partners with customers. Increase agility with real-time access – connecting to customers quickly and accurately.
  22. 22. Deliver Contextual Training
  23. 23. Employ Active Learning
  24. 24. Corporate Communications Human Resources Engage Key Business Groups
  25. 25. Essential Components                  
  26. 26. 43
  27. 27. Business Value Opportunity How does enterprise social enable this? What was achieved? How is it measured? Team Collaboration Streamlined collaboration across regions and teams to execute projects. Increasing global spread of business. 15% improvement in increasing number of successful projects delivered on time. Employee Engagement Find experts and information fast. Time saved in searching for assistance with portfolio management. 30% improvement in access to experts and knowledge. Achieve real business relevance by measuring your outcomes qualitatively and quantitatively. Use enterprise social data to support your findings.
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  30. 30. Questions?
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