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Presented last Oct 8, 2010

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Executive Insights DC

  2. 2. EXECUTIVE  INSIGHTS  DC  Why?  •  Challenging  and  exciDng  Dmes  for  organizaDons   •  Do  more  with  less  •  Achieving  organizaDonal  transformaDon  success   •  Commitment  at  execuDve  level    •  How  MicrosoM  work  management  tools  can  support  your  organizaDon   •  Successful  adopDon  has  organizaDonal  challenges   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  3. 3. INNOVATIVE-­‐E  Who  We  Are  •  Inspire,  Lead,  and  Be  the  Catalyst  of  OrganizaDonal  TransformaDon  •  ExperDse   •  SharePoint  for  Project  Management   •  Project  Management  for  SharePoint   •  Custom  SharePoint  SoluDons  Development  •  World  Class  Team   •  Thought  leaders,  published  authors,  instructors,  speakers   •  Seasoned  execuDve  management   •  PMPs,  Six  Sigma,  SOX,  ITIL,  COBIT,  RUP,  MSCDs   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  4. 4. INNOVATIVE-­‐E  Who  We’ve  Helped   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  5. 5. SAMPLE  SLIDE  Agenda    7:30  -­‐  8:00                            RegistraDon/Breakfast/Networking    8:00  -­‐  8:15                            Welcome  Remarks      8:20  -­‐  8:45                            ElevaDng  Business  Value  with  MicrosoM  Work  Management  SoluDons    8:50  -­‐  9:10                            Business  Process  Re-­‐Engineering  and  Improved  Healthcare  Outcomes    9:15    -­‐9:35                            Delivering  QA  Process  Improvement  and  Savings       9:40  -­‐  10:00                        Healing  a  Case  of  IneffecDve  Process,  Document  &  Project  Management    10:05  -­‐  10:25                    Top  10  Best  PracDces  To  Achieve  SharePoint  Success      10:30  –  11:00                  Panel  Discussion   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  6. 6. ElevaDng  Business  Value  With   MicrosoM  Work  Management  SoluDons  ARPAN  SHAH  Director,  MicrosoM  Project  
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE  INSIGHTS  DC  About  Me  •  Internet  business  industry  background   •  Web  E-­‐commerce  soluDons  •  MicrosoM  for  the  last  9+  years   •  Internet  business  soluDon  product  management   •  CMS  product  management   •  SharePoint  tech  product  management   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  8. 8. Project  Management  AssociaDon  with:  •  Complexity  •  Specific  Industries  like  Manufacturing,  ConstrucDon,   ConsulDng,  Oil  &  Gas,  etc.  •  Specific  group  or  set  of  individuals  (ex.  PMO  office)   Work  Management  is  for  everyone:  individuals,     teams  and  organiza8ons.   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  9. 9. Popular  Work  Management  Techniques  Today   Individuals   Project  Managers   Execu8ves/PorAolio     Managers   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  10. 10. Popular  Work  Management  Techniques  Today   Individuals   Project  Managers   Execu8ves/PorAolio     Managers   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  11. 11. N   IO AT IZ AN RG O E   TH S   LP HE M   P P W   O H How  Work  Management  Helps  the  OrganizaCon   "   Demand   Porlolio   Alignment     ExecuDves  and     Management  Management   with  Business   Porlolio  Managers   "   Porlolio  SelecDon   ObjecDves     "   Capacity  Planning   "   Porlolio  ReporDng   "    Resource   Enterprise   PMO,  Resource  and     Management   Project   Visibility   Project  Managers   "   Financial  Mgmt  Management    &  Control   "   Project  ReporDng   "   Project  Scheduling   "   Program  Mgmt   Project  Team   Members   "    Time  ReporDng  CollaboraDon   Work   Management   "    Team  CollaboraDon   Processes  and  Tools   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  12. 12. Make  Decisions  that  Align  with  Business  Goals   Project  and  Porlolio  Management  is  the   conDnuous  process  of  iden8fying,  selec8ng   and  managing  a  porlolio  of  projects  in   alignment  with  key  performance  metrics  and   strategic  business  objecDves   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  13. 13. M   P P OF   S   IT EF EN B ER   M TO US CCustomer  Benefits  Reduce  costs,  increase  efficiencies  and  prepare  for  growth   Reduce Costs o  Gain visibility and control over projects o  Manage projects and resources effectively o  Reduce redundancies and non-performing projects Improving Business Outcomes o  Align work with strategic objectives o  Prioritize work by financial return o  Mitigate risks and measure results Twi6er:  #eidc  
  14. 14. CHOOSE  THE  RIGHT  TOOLS  THAT  CAN  EVOLVE  WITH  YOU     Twi6er:  #eidc  
  15. 15. Where  do  you  start?   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  16. 16. Business  Process  Re-­‐Engineering     And    Improved  Healthcare  Outcomes  MARIE-­‐MICHELLE  STRAH,  PHD  Lead  Business  Consultant,  Aquilent  
  17. 17. INTRODUCTION  Overview  •  IntroducCon   •  Marie-­‐Michelle  Strah,  PhD   •  Aquilent,  Inc.  Lead  Business  Consultant   •  Email:  michelle  DOT  strah  AT  aquilent  DOT  com   •  Twi6er:  @cyberslate  •  ObjecCves   •  Best  pracDces  for  SharePoint  deployment  in  military  healthcare  seqngs   •  How  to  leverage  SharePoint  as  an  enterprise  soluDon  in  highly  regulated   seqngs  (DoD/VA)   •  How  to  effecDvely  manage  expectaDons  and  leverage  exisDng  knowledge   management  iniDaDves  in  DoD/VA  for  successful  SharePoint   implementaDons   Case  Study  Format  –  Longitudinal  PerspecCve   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  18. 18. ERMC  Army  in  Europe  TransformaCon  2004-­‐2008  •  Pain  Points   •  Challenges  to  military  healthcare  OIF/OEF   •  Very  few  automated  processes  for  healthcare  administraDon   •  IntegraDng  private  sector  best  pracDces,  accreditaDon  and  managed  care   (TRICARE)   •  SharePoint  2003  infrastructure  but  no  champion  •  Process   •  Hey,  we’ve  got  a  great  idea!   •  Command  adopDon  (HMEDDAC)   •  Command  adopDon  (ERMC)   •  Goals:  compliance  and  transformaDon   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  19. 19. ERMC  SoluCons  for  TransformaCon  •  Healthcare  AdministraCon   •  StandardizaDon  and  automaDon  of  exisDng  processes   •  Quality  measures  (data,  data,  data)   •  ConDnuous  process  improvement  •  TransformaCon   •  ConsolidaDon  and  realignment  –  creaDon  of  new  processes   •  IntegraDon  of  G-­‐3  and  G-­‐6  processes   •  Rapid  deployment   •  Provide  structure,  decision-­‐making  and  execuCve  dashboarding     Twi6er:  #eidc  
  20. 20. ERMC  SoluCons  for  TransformaCon  •  Enterprise  Portal  -­‐  HMEDDAC   •  Phase  I  –  3  months  –  planning  and  buy-­‐in   •  Phase  II  –  12  months  –  implementa8on  and  training  across  subordinate   commands  (7)  and  headquarters   •  Phase  III  –  12  months  –  implementa8on  and  training  across  clinical   divisions,  records  management,  quality  and  risk  management,  pa8ent   safety,  pa8ent  sa8sfac8on,  hospitality  •  Enterprise  SoluCons  -­‐  ERMC   •  Phase  I  –  3  months  -­‐  Transforma8on  Portal  and  capital  equipment  and   supply  chain  management   •  Phase  II  –  12  months  -­‐  Host  Na8on  Ini8a8ves   •  Host  NaDon  PaDent  Liaison  Program   •  ERMC  Medical  Library  and  Knowledge  Portal   •  Wounded  Warrior  Care   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  21. 21. ERMC  Results   Virtualiza)on  of  100%  of  business  processes  across  8  geographically  dispersed   hospital  and  ambulatory  care  clinics   •  Joint  Commission  AccreditaDon  –  Hospital  (2008)   •  Joint  Commission  AccreditaDon  –  Ambulatory  (2008)   •  DoD/MEDCOM  InspecDon  (2008)   •  Congressional  InspecDon  (2008)   •  100%  accountability  of  2500  staff  and  $150  million  of  durable  equipment   •  15%  increase  in  paDent  saDsfacDon  rates   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  22. 22. Defense  Centers  of  Excellence  for  Psychological  Health  and  TraumaCc   DCOE   Brain  Injury  2009-­‐2010  •  Pain  Points   •  New  organizaDon  with  li6le  to  no  established  processes     (management)   •  Clinical  research   •  Joint  services   •  IntegraDon  with  exisDng  civilian  agencies  (including  VA/NIH)  •  Processes   •  Command  adopDon  (DCoE)   •  Robust  knowledge  management  initaDve:   •  TMA  (Tricare  Management  AcDvity)  records  management   •  Subject  ma6er  experDse   •       Champion:  Chief  of  Staff   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  23. 23. DCOE  SoluCons  for  CollaboraCon  •  SoluCon:   •  Phase  I  –  con)nuous  -­‐  Branding  –  SharePoint  2007  portal     •  Phase  II  –  3  months  -­‐    Iden8fica8on  of  KM  team  and  strategic  planning   •  Phase  III  –  3  months  -­‐    Iden8fica8on  of  Power  Users  and  training     •  Phase  IV  –  3  months  and  ongoing  –  Content  Migra8on  and  Integra8on   with  civilian  agencies  (SharePoint  2003  and  2007)  •  Results:   •  100%  adopDon  within  3  months   •  IntegraDon  of  8  directorates  and  6  component  centers  as  a  unified   command  within  6  months   •       Groundbreaking  at  NICoE  (NaDonal  Intrepid  Center  of  Excellence)            24JUN10   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  24. 24. JTF-­‐CAPMED  Joint  Task  Force  –  NaConal  Capital  Region  (JTF-­‐CAPMED)  2010-­‐present  •  Pain  Points   •  What  supply  chain?   •  Joint  services   •  Data  integrity  and  accuracy   •  Legacy  systems  •  Process   •  Phase  I  –  1  month  –  BPA:  Assessment  and  Evalua8on     •  Phase  II  –  3  months   •  Data  and  systems  architecture  and  design   •  Program  Management  Informa8on  System  (PMIS)   •  Phase  III  –  3  months     •  Systems  Integra8on  (COTS)   •  Custom  Development  (SharePoint)   •  Data  Quality   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  25. 25. JTF-­‐CAPMED  World-­‐Class  SoluCons  •  SoluCon   •  Project  Management  InformaDon  System  (PMIS)   •  ExecuDve  Dashboard  and  BI  (JTF-­‐CAPMED  SharePoint  Portal)   •  SaaS  integraDon  and  interface  SQL/.NET  (API)  (A6ainia  and  Accendo)   •  Data  visualizaDon  and  interface  (MS  Silverlight)   •  Integrated  Master  Schedule  (MS  Project  –  MS  Project  Server)   •  Automated  data  transfer  (JMLFDC  –  DMLSS)   •  Tracking  Tool  (SharePoint  2007)  •  Results   •  Unique  health  services  supply  chain  soluDon   •  IntegraDon  of  100%  construcDon,  financial,  contractual,  capital   equipment,  procurement,  warehouse,  and  tracking  data  (RFID/barcode)   •  100%  accountability  of  $322  million  of  equipment  w/in  6  months    SharePoint  SOA:  Crea)on  of  prototype  DMLSS  interface  and  cradle-­‐to-­‐ grave  accountability   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  26. 26. LESSONS  LEARNED  A`er  AcCon  Report   Challenges:   •  Staffing   •  IPT  (Integrated  Product  Team)   •  Infrastructure  and  server  farm  implementaDon   •  Data  architecture   •  AuthenDcaDon   •  Project  Planning:  Make  or  Buy  and  Business  Case  Analysis   Enablers:   •  Staffing   •  Agile/Scrum  Methodologies   •  SharePoint  SDLC   •  ExecuDve  Support   •  Phased/IteraDve  Deployments   •  Flexibility/Adaptability   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  27. 27. Delivering  Quality  Assurance  (QA)   Process  Improvement  And  Savings  JOE  SNYDER  Engineering  Manager,  VGT  
  28. 28. INTRODUCTION  Company  PerspecCve  •  VGT  Historical  perspecDve   •  Accelerated    growth   •  Single  market  focus        •  CompeDng  Groups   •  SW  Engineering   •  Field  Service   •  ProducDon   •  Corporate  •  Change  Agent     •  Best  PracDces   •  Fence  them  in   •  Tighten  the  fence  -­‐but  don’t  scare  them!   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  29. 29. PROCESS  Technology  ConsideraCons  •  Technology     •  New  technology  hurdles   •  Boon   •  Learning  curve   •  Bane   •  ConDnue  to  release  •  Good  to  Great  !   •  Money  In  the  bank   •  Technology  Accelerators     •  How  much  will  it  cost   •  Fly  Wheel  concept     •  ROI  •  Methodology  –  A  balancing  act   •  Strategic   •  TacDcal   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  30. 30. SOLUTION  The  Challenge    •  Requirements   •  Pilot  it  with  QA   •  Provide  concrete  metrics  on  the  value  add   •  Show  value  out  of  the  box   •  Will  it  scale?   •  Will  it  be  accepted  by  the  stakeholders?  •  MS  Project  -­‐QA   •  Status  Reports   •  Resource  scheduling   •  Progress  Updates  •  In  acDon   •  PWA   •  Outlook   •  Status  report   •  Task  updates   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  31. 31. RESULTS  Resistance  is  FuCle  •  FTE  savings   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  32. 32. RESULTS  Resistance  is  FuCle  •  Resource  AllocaDon/  Assignment     •  Control  Group   •     No  significant  changes  seen   •  Test  Group*   •     Be6er  CommunicaDon  between  groups   •     Clearer  expectaDons   •     No  over  allocaDons       •     Improved  Dme  to  test  compleDon  •  Progress  ReporDng   •  Real  Dme  data     •  EsDmated  Dme  vs.  Actual  Dme  Data   •  Improvement  to  Status  ReporDng   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  33. 33. LESSONS  LEARNED  Next  Time    •  Unexpected  results   •  Control  group  was  eager  to  be  included  in  the  next  phase   •  Groups  began  to  experiment  and  self  train  on  the  tool   •  SW  engineering  group  took  noDce  and  was  advocaDng  for  enterprise   wide  adopDon  in  2011  •  Lessons  Learned   •  Longer  pilot  Dme  frame  would  permit  broader  scope  of  tests   •  Limited  metrics  on  exisDng  state  made  comparisons  somewhat   inconclusive   •  Support  role  was  a  full  Dme  job  •  Next  Steps   •  Scale  to  the  enterprise   •  Planning   •  Training   •  ExecuDon   •  Follow  up   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  34. 34. Healing  A  Case  Of  IneffecDve  Process,   Document  and  Project  Management  MATTHEW  FRITTS,  MPH  Senior  Program  Manager,  Samueli  InsDtute  
  35. 35. INTRODUCTION  Samueli  InsCtute  •  Who  We  Are   •  Non-­‐profit,  non-­‐affiliated  medical  research  organizaDon   •  Started  in  2001  with  funding  from  benefactors  Susan  and  Henry  Samueli   •  Primary  funding  source  is  now  DOD   •  Mission  =  transform  health  care  through  the  scienDfic  exploraDon  of   healing   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  36. 36. INTRODUCTION  Project  Management  at  Samueli  InsCtute:  “A  Case  History”  •  Symptoms:  Inefficiency,  frustraDon,  ad-­‐hoc  system  of  heterogeneous  and  unlinked   databases  and  tracking  systems    •  IniDal  a6empts  at  self-­‐management  of  this  “disease”  failed  •  Diagnosis:    Growing  pains  and  immature  processes,  personnel,  and  technology   toolsets  •  Treatment:  Evolve  the  InsDtute’s  staff,  processes,  and  project  management  •  Doctors  and  nurses:  InnovaDve-­‐e,  Inc.  and  training  •  Prognosis:    Evolve  through  its  growing  pains  and  into  healthy,    thriving   organizaDonal  wellness  •  Caveat:  maintaining  wellness  requires  ongoing  self-­‐management  &  disciplined   prevenDon     Twi6er:  #eidc  
  37. 37. IdenCfying  a  PotenCal  SoluCon   Overall  Goals   PROCESS   •   Enhance  and  streamline  DOD-­‐funded  project   E fficient     planning,  tracking,  reporDng  and  integraDon.     •   Provide  the  InsDtute’s  Military  Medical  Research   M anagement  of     Program  (MMRP)  with  the  knowledge,  skills,   resources,  technology  and  processes  required  for   P effecDve  project  management  (PM).   rojects  and   O peraDons     Three  ObjecCves  /  Work  Areas   W ith   People   • ObjecDve  1:  Provide  training,  coaching  and  support  related  to  project   management  (PM)  theory,  processes,  tools,  resources  and  best  pracDces.   E lectronic  &  human   Process   • ObjecDve  2:  Establish  a  framework  for  effecDve  project  management   based  on  PMBOK  theory  and  principles  and  including  documentaDon  and   clarificaDon  of  policies  and  procedures.       R esources   Tools   • ObjecDve  3:  Create  a  Project  Management  InformaDon  System  (ProMIS).   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  38. 38. EMPOWER  Goal  3:  “ Tools”   SOLUTION     PROCESS:  IDENTIFYING  A  POTENTIAL  Goal  3:  Create  a  Project  Management  InformaDon  System  (ProMIS)  Twi6er:  #eidc  
  39. 39. LESSONS  LEARNED  Moving  forward   Level  1:  IniDal   Level  2:   Level  3:  Defined   (2010)   Repeatable   (2015)   •  No PM PEOPLE •  Basic PM training •  PM Certification background •  Automated •  PM ProcessPROCESS •  Ad-hoc workflows , Standardized portfolio reporting •  Paper, MS •  PM templates, •  MS ProjectTOOLS Word, MS MS Project Server Excel, Email Twi6er:  #eidc  
  40. 40. Product  /   SP  2010  +  MS  Project  2010   3rd  Party  PM  Add-­‐on  for   Project  Server  2010  +  SP   SOLUTION  FuncConality   SP  2010   2010  Project  Task   Task  level,  not  assignment   Assignment  Level   Assignment  Level  Management   level  in  SP  ReporDng   Dependent  on  site   Dependent  on  site   Not  dependent  on  site   hierarchy,  Need  to  custom   hierarchy,  OOTB  roll  ups   hierarchy,  OOTB  roll  ups   build  roll  ups,  can  only  do  1   provided,  Not  capable  of   provided,  can  handle   level  roll  up   complex  relaDonship,  can   complex  relaDonship   only  do  limited  level  roll   and  mulD  level  roll  ups   up  Workflow   OOTB  limitaDon  in  ability  to   Same  as  SP  2010   OOTB  capability  to   capture  different   capture  different   informaDon  at  different   informaDon.  Can  be   point  in  the  process.   created  in  Visual  Studio,   Workflow  can  be  created  in   but  can  be  configured   SP  Designer.   and  tweaked  in  Project   Server  Scalability   Does  not  scale  up  when   Can  scale  up  to  other   Can  scale  up  to  other   more  complex  features  are   funcDonaliDes  provided   funcDonaliDes  provided   needed   in  the  plalorm   in  the  plalorm  Usability   OOTB  SP  may  provide   Designed  to  provide  as   More  complex  UI   simpler  user  interface.       simple  a  UI  as  possible   because  of  the  built  in   capabiliDes  Twi6er:  #eidc  
  41. 41. RESULTS  ROI  -­‐  Preliminary  Results   •  Standard  OperaDng  Procedures,  process  flows,  related  forms,  and  policies  draMed   for  3  of  the  major  project  types  that  the  MMRP  conducts   •   All  staff  received  training  in  SharePoint  2010  (the  plalorm  through  which  the  MMRP   will  streamline  its  document  management  funcDons)  and  in  MicrosoM  Project  2010  (the   plalorm  through  which  the  MMRP  will  streamline  its  project  management  funcDons)   •  Completed  a  prototype  of  ProMIS   •  Review  and  approval  of  two  comprehensive  Standard  OperaDng  Procedures  (SOPs)   on  (1)  intramural  human  subjects  research  projects  and  (2)  intramural  programs  was   deferred,  so  that  the  Dmeline  for  releasing  ProMIS  could  be  accelerated   •  Concept  maps  for  key  InsDtute  processes  were  developed   •  Clarified  InsDtute  processes  that  are  currently  ambiguous  or  unclear   •  StandardizaDon   •  DefiniDon  of  project  terms   •  Roles  &  responsibiliDes  for  PI,  PM,  PO,  etc   •  IdenDfied  high-­‐priority  training  needs  related  to  SharePoint  and  Project   Management   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  42. 42. Top  10  Best  PracDces  To     Achieve  SharePoint  Success  BILL  ENGLISH  CEO,  Mindsharp  
  43. 43. WHO  IS  MINSHARP?   Training   Best   PracCces   Industry   Conferences   Leadership  Twi6er:  #eidc  
  44. 44. Federal  and  Military  Customers:  Last  5  Years   WHO  IS  MINDSHARP?  DoD   USMC  RecruiDng  Command   USMC  MAGTF  Integrated  System  Training  Center   Navy  Fleet  Forces  Command   Navy  Office  of  Civilian  and  Human  Resources   Naval  Undersea  Warfare  Center   Navy  Special  Warfare  Command   Special  OperaDons  Command   Joint  Special  OperaDons  Command   Missile  Defense  Agency   Army  Forces  Command,  G6   Army  Redstone  Technical  Test  Center   Army  Soldier  Systems  Command   Army  Fort  Sam  Houston   Army  Fort  Bragg   Army  Research,  Development  and  Engineering  Command   Air  Force  Space  Command   Air  Force  Tyndall  Air  Force  Base   Air  Force  Los  Angeles  Air  Force  Base   Air  Force  Edwards  Air  Force  Base   United  States  Department  of  Veteran’s  Affairs   Air  Force  Office  of  Plans  and  Policies   United  States  Department  of  TransportaDon   United  States  Military  Academy   United  States  Department  of  Energy  Civilian   United  States  Department  of  the  Treasury   United  States  Coast  Guard   United  States  Department  of  the  Interior   NaDonal  AeronauDcs  and  Space  AdministraDon   United  States  Department  of  Agriculture   United  States  Department  of  JusDce   NaDonal  Oceanic  and  Atmospheric  AdministraDon   United  States  Department  of  Health   United  States  House  of  RepresentaDves   United  States  Nuclear  Regulatory  Commission   United  States  Department  of  Agriculture   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  45. 45. Mindsharp  Fortune  100  Customers:  Last  5  years   WHO  IS  MINDSHARP?   Walmart   Marathon  Oil   HoneyWell   Exxon  Mobil   Wachovia   Northrop  Grumman   Chevron   Wells  Fargo   Hess   General  Motors   MicrosoM   GMAC   Conoco  Phillips   UPS   Comcast   CiDGroup   Pfizer   New  York  Life   Bank  Of  America   Lowe’s   Coca-­‐Cola   Berkshire  Hathaway   Time  Warner   NewsCorp   JP  Morgan  Chase  &  Co.   Caterpillar   General  Dynamics   IBM   Sunoco   HCA   Verizon   Lockheed  MarDn   Macy’s   McKesson   Sprint-­‐Nextel   Liberty  Mutual  Insurance   Goldman  Sachs  Group   PepsiCo   Abbo6  Labs   United  Health  Group   Intel   Washington  Mutual   Boeing   KraM  Foods   Massachuse6s  Mutual  Life   Merrill  Lynch   AllState   3M   Target   Best  Buy   State  Farm   Walt  Disney   58  of  the  Fortune  100  are   WellPoint   Ingram  Micro   EBA  Customers   Dell   Sysco   Johnson  &  Johnson   Cisco   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  47. 47. 10  BEST  PRACTICES  FOR  SHAREPOINT  IMPLEMENTATION  #10:  Approach  SharePoint  as  a  Strategic  Business  Plaiorm   SoMware   Plalorms   Business   Requirements   Strategies  &  Goals   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  48. 48. #9:  Must  Have  Clear  Business  Requirements  for  SharePoint   Problem  or   Opportunity   Strategies   Business   Requirements   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  49. 49. #8:  Decide  what  SharePoint  will  and  won’t  do     CollaboraDon   Workflows   Document   Records   Basic  Search   Management   Management   Projects   Phase  1   Phase  2   Phase  3   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  50. 50. #7:  Don’t  use  SharePoint  Outside  its’  Intended  Use  SharePoint  is  not:    AccounDng  Package    CRM    Business  Process  AutomaDon    Resource  Management    Porlolio  Management    ERM    ERP    Time  &  Expense  Can  you?    Yes  –  with  enough  developers,  Dme  and  money  Should  you?    No  –  See  Best  PracDce  #3   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  51. 51. #6:  Must  have  InformaCon  Design  that  SharePoint  can  Support  •  Garbage  in,  Garbage  out  •  PutabilityFindability  •  E-­‐Discovery  •  Data  Breaches  •  Lower  Costs  •  Lower  Exposure  to  Liability   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  52. 52. 10  BEST  PRACTICES  FOR  SHAREPOINT  IMPLEMENTATION  Some  Facts  and  Stats  •  Over  30  billion  original  documents  are  created  and  consumed  each  year  •  Cost  of  documents  is  esDmated  to  be  as  much  as  15%  of  annual  revenues  •  85%  of  documents  are  never  retrieved  •  50%  of  documents  are  duplicate  in  some  way  •  60%  of  stored  documents  are  obsolete  •  For  every  $1  spent  to  create  the  document,  $10  are  spent  to  manage  it   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  53. 53. FINDABILITY  AND  ECM  More  Facts  and  Stats  •  36%  -­‐  IT  rolls  out  SharePoint  with  no  input  from  Record  Managers  or  ECM  teams  •  14%  -­‐  admit  that  no  one  is  in  charge  and  that  SharePoint  +  ECM  is  out  of  control  •  SMS/text  messages,  blogs,  wikis  and  other  web  2.0  technologies  lack  inclusion  in   the  ECM  soluDon  in  75%  of  organizaDons   •  This  represents  a  major  risk  to  companies  •  Avg  number  of  queries  per  day:  20  •  Avg  number  of  hours/week  spent  finding  info:    3.5   •  ~$4500  cost/worker/year  •  10K  workers:  $45,000,000/year  •  Too  high?    OK  –  Cut  it  by  90%:  $4.50M/year   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  54. 54. #5:  Ensure  there  is  Pervasive  EducaCon  for  your  OrganizaCon  •  ExecuDves  •  End-­‐users  •  Help  Desk  •  IT  Administrators  •  Developers  •  Web  Designers/Developers  •  Business  Analysts  •  Managers  •  Partners  •  Vendors  •  Customers   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  55. 55. #4:  Ensure  SharePoint  is  Included  in  your  Social  Media  Policies    Tagging    I  like  it    Post  comments    My  Colleagues    Personal  blog    Share  docs,  links    Tag  Cloud    So  forth…   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  56. 56. #3:  Don’t  Customize  SharePoint  Unless  You’re  Forced  to  do  so   Out  of   3rd  Party   Customize   Box   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  57. 57. #2:  Must  have  Governance  for  Ongoing  Success  with  SharePoint    Governance  focuses  on:  1.  What  the  rules  are  2.  Who  gets  to  make  the  rules  3.  Who  enforces  the  rules   Example:   Rule  #9  for  DaCng  my  Daughter:   Do  not  lie  to  me.  I  may  appear  to  be  a  potbellied,  balding,  middle-­‐aged,   dimwi6ed  has-­‐been.    But  on  issues  relaDng  to  my  daughter,  I  am  the  all-­‐ knowing,  merciless  god  of  your  universe.  If  I  ask  you  where  you  are  going   and  with  whom,  you  have  one  chance  to  tell  me  the  truth,  the  whole  truth   and  nothing  but  the  truth.    I  have  a  shotgun,  a  shovel  and  five  acres  behind   the  house.    You  will  not  be  missed  nor  will  you  be  found.   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  58. 58. #1:  Must  have  ExecuCve  Buy-­‐In  to  the  Proper  Use  of  SharePoint  Real-­‐World  IllustraDon  of  a  Fortune  500  company  that  didn’t  have  CEO  buy-­‐in  for  their  SharePoint  implementaDon  Why  do  we  need  your  buy-­‐in  and  acDve  support?    Provides  proper  focus  and  direcDon    No  “higher-­‐court”  of  appeal    Enables  context  for  project  compleDon    Allows  alignment  of  requirements,  technology,  policies  and  governance   Direc)on.  Clarity.  Confidence.   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  59. 59. WORST  PRACTICE:  IGNORE  THE  BEST  PRACTICES   Twi6er:  #eidc  
  60. 60. Panel  Discussion  DUX  RAYMOND  SY,  PMP  Managing  Partner,  InnovaDve-­‐e