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Effectively Manage a Multi-Device & Multi-Generational Workforce


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Presented at SharePoint Conference 2014

Published in: Technology
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Effectively Manage a Multi-Device & Multi-Generational Workforce

  1. 1. Lead the BYOD Revolution:
 Effectively Manage a Multi-Device & Multi-Generational Workforce
  2. 2. What the BYOD revolution is all about How BYOD and social delivers business value Key steps to lead the BYOD revolution
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  4. 4. Do More w/ Less Evolving Comms Speed of Business Mobile The BYOD Revolution is Here
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  6. 6. 84% of organizations have remote workers Mobile technologies changes how we work Always on -- Consumers use an average of 4 devices every day 65% of Americans will have a smartphone and/or tablet device by 2015 Rise of the mobile consumer Humans have an intrinsic drive to engage and connect We organize into communities to get things done - at home, and at work Mobile technologies remove the barriers of connectivity, geography and time
  8. 8. Long cycle Rapid innovation Email Social Workplace Mobile Less data Big data
  9. 9. enhancing
  10. 10. Partners Customers Prospects Sales Service Marketing HR R&D Operations Organizational silos Ineffective engagement Responsive Organization Facilitate purposeful collaboration " ? ? ? ?
  11. 11. 20% of companies implementing BYOD programs will ultimately fail to find the proper balance between security and productivity.
  12. 12. Increase Productivity Attract Talent Strategic Initiatives $
  13. 13. Facilitate Purposeful Collaboration
  14. 14. Enterprise Mobility As a Service (EMaaS)
 Seamlessly weave BYOD into the tools you use everyday to get your work done Project +
  15. 15. Align business needs to how BYOD can help Business Value BYOD Purpose 1.  Business Transparency 2. Team Collaboration 3. Communications Visibility, real-time access to business metrics Connecting, collaborating & sharing with teams Drive faster decisions
  16. 16. DIY - “roll your own” Buy 3rd party apps, add-ins, services, etc.
  17. 17. Business Needs User Experience Technical Needs Environment Capacity
  18. 18. ! !!! AIIM Survey Report: Mobile Content Security & Productivity
  19. 19. Is it the CEO in a Starbucks? A warehouse employee with a tablet? A sales rep in a hotel room?
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  21. 21. Business Value How does enterprise BYOD enable this? What was achieved? How is it measured? Team Collaboration Streamlined collaboration across regions and teams to execute projects. Increasing global spread of business. 15% improvement in increasing number of successful projects delivered on time. Employee Engagement Find experts and information fast. Time saved in searching for assistance with portfolio management. 30% improvement in access to experts and knowledge. Achieve real business relevance by measuring your outcomes qualitatively and quantitatively. Use BYOD data to support your findings.
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