BL43: Building Your Business Brand On LinkedIn


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  • Look at how you can build out your professional profile pageUse groups and questions to build your thought leadershipGain an understanding of how business pages can help to market your businessFind out about the etiquette of endorsementsGet a brief overview of premium accounts and small-scale media buys, which include ads and Inmail
  • key point that key influencers are on LinkedIn and the numbers are growing daily.135 million people on LinkedIn representing almost every industry and functional area – providing a wealth of insights through their self-describedProfiles, through their network actions50% of LinkedIn's users are decision makers in their company 41% of people using LinkedIn for marketing have generated business with it 20% of C-level executivesnetwork professionally in an online community daily; 39% network online weekly. 80% of companies use social media for recruitment; 95% of these using LinkedIn65% of journalists use social media sites like LinkedIn to conduct research for storiesDefine Professional Community quickly and highlight a couple of the compelling data points Reinforce their reach and power as a vehicle for brandingA professional community (or, professional network) is a type of social network service that is focused solely on interactions and relationships of a business nature rather than including personal, nonbusiness interactions50% of LinkedIn's users are decision makers in their company ( 41% people using LinkedIn for marketing have generated business with it ( of C-level executivesnetwork professionally in an online community daily; 39% network online weekly. ( of employees of large U.S. corporations have a membership on LinkedIn (only 11% on Facebook and 3% on Twitter) ( Employees of Microsoft are the most actively involved in social networking, followed by eBay, Amazon, and Walt Disney ( of companies use social media for recruitment; 95% of these using LinkedIn (Socialnomics) 65% of journalists use social media sites like LinkedIn to conduct research for stories ( TAKEAWAY: Professionals are conducting business on LinkedIn, much more than on other social networks. Professionals on LinkedIn are receptive to learning about new products and solutions.THE TAKEAWAY: Members of the business social network have a lot of buying power and a lot of clout. These are the people you want to be interacting with in discussions and have clicking through to your blog and educational content. This study also shows, that most LinkedIn marketers are already bringing in new business from their on site activity.THE TAKEAWAY: Journalists are using LinkedIn to research topics and companies. Use a presence on LinkedIn, especially the new company page feature, as another branch of your public relations. Provide links to press releases, white papers, case studies and any other educational content. Gain better visibility and better control over what's said about your company in the press and give journalists a channel to get in touch with you directly.THE TAKEAWAY: That's a total of 59% of C-level executives using social media every week for business purposes. How many of these decision-makers and influencers might be interested in your company's white paper or latest blog post? LinkedIn is a great forum for reaching these users and generating connections, leads and influence.For finding and converting new business leads and establishing thought leadership, small business marketers are already seeing results from networking on sites like LinkedIn.All these trends point to the power of LinkedIn for B-to-B marketing. Business buyers and decisions makers are on the site, ready to interact and find new ideas and solutions.
  • Our most important core value is that members come first. We develop products across three dimensions to deliver value to our members: 1. Professional Identity, which helps professionals connect, find, and be found;LinkedIn is the most powerful, professionally-oriented search engine on the planet. In becoming a member, you are carving out a piece of digital real estate and creating your professional profile of record. When you need to find someone, connect with someone, do a business deal or tap professional knowledge, LinkedIn is the place to go. 2. Insights, which help people get the information and knowledge they need to be great at what they do; A fire hose of unique and valuable information, knowledge, data and insight flow through the LinkedIn network as a result of our members connecting and sharing.Our job is to build products that derive information and insights from that data for our members to help them be better at what they do every day. Examples of some of these products are LI Today, Groups, Homepage, Signal3. And Everywhere, which ensures that our platform works wherever our members work, regardless of where they are, on the Web or off. We live in an age where we can no longer expect our members to be tethered to their desks. We live in a mobile, ubiquitous computer age. LinkedIn is focused on providing members with access to their professional identity and insights wherever they may be -- whether it is on and off the desktop or on and off We know our members will still visit other sites, and we want to continue to scale our API offerings to provide value to our members no matter where they are.If you’re taking time to build your professional identity, network and knowledge..the sum total of our value proposition is that LinkedIn will enable our members to find dream jobs and be great at jobs they’re already in.
  • Search is the first place for inquiries around your professional background
  • Go to your ‘edit profile’ page – select edit next to public profile: allows you to customize your ‘public profile’Summary ExperienceEducation – CoursesLanguagesSkills & ExpertiseRecommendations and endorsementsWebsitesTwitterGroups and associationsInterestsHonors & AwardsPersonal InformationApplicationsAmazon readingEventsTripIts 
  • Replaces rolodex & business card; address book in the cloudThere are over 150 million LinkedIn members and a new member joins every second. Here's how to make your profile stand out:Update your profile regularly. Have you Binged yourself? Your profile comes up high in search results for your name, so make sure your online first impression packs a punch. Update your profile when you nab a promotion or switch jobs. If recently took a class or got a certification, make sure that info is on your profile too. Have you learned new skills in the past year? Make sure they're listed on your profile. Keep your profile updated, even when you're not looking for a job, since clients or partners may be searching for someone like you. If you only have your current position listed on your profile, then you may look like a professional that only has a year of experience if that's how long you've been in your current role. That's why it's important to add your previous work history in your profile. You are 12 times more likely to be viewed for potential opportunities if you have more than one position listed on your profile.Get connected. Remember, when you look at a person's profile on LinkedIn, you'll see if you have any connections "in common." There is a "magic" number of connections on LinkedIn and that number is 50 contacts. By connecting to at least 50 people that you know and trust (current co-workers, clients, friends and family) you'll increase your chances of getting in touch with people and companies that will help you get ahead in your career.Add a photo. If you add a photo you're seven times more likely to have people view your profile. Adding a photo is also important if you're reaching out to people you've lost touch with. People never forget a face. (Especially if you changed last name when you got married. A college classmate or former boss may remember you as Karen Harris, not Karen Smith, so a photo will jog their memory.)
  • The personal profile is one’s opportunity to highlight your personal brand as a sales leader. There’s a lot of things that an individual can do to illustrate that he/she is an industry thought leader while boosting the reputation of their organisation. There’s a few basic things that we’ll walk though what each of you and your individual sales professionals can do to brand yourselves as thought leaders and experts. Be creative but natural – use your own language but don’t re-write your resume Elevator pitch – what do you most want to get across? Keep it current, update job changes / promotions etcetera Leverage your network with meaningful recommendations, personalized to a challenge or situation Be found! Use keywords in your profileAdd a clear, professional photo of you – aid’s memory
  • Request with a Soft ApproachSuggest Different Points Where AppropriateRequest Specifics
  • Do branch out and make new connections outside of your comfort zone. Just because you're in accounting doesn't mean you should only join accounting related groups. Is your territory the Bay Area? Do a search for "bay area" related groups for professionals. Do you have a passion for the environmental issues? Join a group like Green ( on LinkedIn so you can show your support of green business practice and network with other people that are just as passionate about those issues. Are you a gadget geek – then join groupsLinkedIn ( where you can learn tips and ways to customize your gadgets from other fanatics. Joining different or new professional circles will help you meet other people and also open the door to other opportunities. Look at groups like mini conferences where you can learn about business topics you're interested in or curious about.
  • The personal profile is one’s opportunity to highlight your personal brand as a sales leader. There’s a lot of things that an individual can do to illustrate that he/she is an industry thought leader while boosting the reputation of their organisation. There’s a few basic things that we’ll walk though what each of you and your individual sales professionals can do to brand yourselves as thought leaders and experts.
  • Create and consistently update Build followersProvide value added updatesEngage and networkMonitor and focus
  • .025%bare minimum to stay on the platform and the average is .08% for technology 
  • Be very specificCreate at least three ad variationsRotate Ads with “Optimize Click Through Rate”Limit to your core target audienceUtilize “Pay Per Click” for Bid Type
  • BL43: Building Your Business Brand On LinkedIn

    1. 1. See How Partners Maximize LinkedIn
    2. 2. Session Objectives @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    3. 3. The Value Prop
    4. 4. The Big Three Network Dynamics  Who I am as a professional  Highlighting my experiences and career Social Professional aspirations  Professional activities Who am I as a person Ways of sharing life experiences and belonging to a tribe Broadcast Friends based activities  This is what I am thinking  My voice to the world  Without any context other than what I choose @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    5. 5. 16 1 22+ MillionMillionMembers 11+ Decision Makers Million6+ Owners and VPs 2.9+MillionDirectors Million CxOs
    6. 6. The Context Platform Connections Killer App Status, Friends, Family & Social Utility Social Gaming & Colleagues Photo Sharing Public Fans & Real-time Communications Followers Micro-blogging Professional Colleagues & Business Professional Identity, Network Contacts Connections & Insights @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    7. 7. The Era of the “Social SalesProfessional” Reputation Relevance Relationships @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    8. 8. Transform Your Career and Business Identity Rolodex, Resume, Connect, find and be found Business Card LinkedIn Profile, Address Book, Search Insights Newspapers, Be great at what you do Trade Magazines, Events Homepage, LinkedIn Today, Groups Everywhere Work wherever our members work Desktop Mobile, APIs, Plug-Ins @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    9. 9. Build Your Professional Profile
    10. 10. Your Reputation Starts Here @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    11. 11. And Is Fueled By This @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    12. 12. First Impressions Are Everything @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    13. 13. Tips: Enhance Your Personal Brand Be Creative & Natural @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    14. 14. Utilize Endorsements
    15. 15. Get RecommendedIf you’ve added value to others, they will reciprocate @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    16. 16. Tips: Seeking Recommendations @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    17. 17. Leverage LinkedIn Groups
    18. 18. See How Newsgator Utilizes Groups @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    19. 19. Network Expansion, Insights &Leads Industry Connectedness 1stDegree CXO Connections @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    20. 20. Tips: How to Best Utilize Groups @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    21. 21. Maximize Company Pages
    22. 22. AvePoint @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    23. 23. @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    24. 24. Tips: Building Effective CompanyPages @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    25. 25. Exploit Premium Accounts
    26. 26. Power of Premium @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    27. 27. Tips: Exploit Premium Accounts @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    28. 28. Utilize Self-Serve Ads
    29. 29. Pay-per-click Advertising Ads appear on prominent pages on LinkedIn Reach over 100 million professionals on LinkedIn Highly-targeted advertising allows you to reach an exact audience Self-service online management interface Ads are shown throughout the LinkedIn site Pay per click (CPC) Real-time auction-based ad system Formerly called LinkedIn DirectAds @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    30. 30. Tips: Utilizing LinkedIn Ads @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    31. 31. Case Study
    32. 32. How Innovative-e Utilizes LinkedIn @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    33. 33. Questions? Tillman Dux Raymond Sy@katlen @meetdux
    34. 34. Creating LinkedIn Ads @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
    35. 35. LinkedIn Ads Case Study:uTest generates 50% of its paid leads “LinkedIn is our most cost-effective inbound marketing channel. It is increasingly critical to our business” -Matt Johnston, VP of Marketing at uTestWhy LinkedIn• Most effective way to target and reach a professional, sophisticated audience• People are in a "work" state of mind, not casually surfing the web• Easy to re-use online ads from other systems Results • Nearly 20% of total inbound leads from LinkedIn • 50% of paid inbound leads come from LinkedIn • On par with paid search on a cost-per-lead basis • Hundreds of qualified leads each month
    36. 36. Step 1: Create an ad through an onlineinterface 50x50 Pixel Image Headline & Description Visible URLLinkedIn Member or Any Company Create and test up to 15 ad variations per campaign Depending on placement, some ads will appear without the image on one single or two lines Get reports on clicks to your ad as well as clicks to your LinkedIn member or Company page
    37. 37. Step 2: Select your target audience Geography Newish! Industry Companies by name Company size Newish! Job Title Job Function Job Function Newish! Seniority LinkedIn Groups Gender Age
    38. 38. New from 2011: 3 Targeting Options Newish!Newish!Target by Job TitleNarrow your audience to people ofcertain job titles. Newish! Target by LinkedIn Groups Choose from thousands of interest-based and profession-based groups.
    39. 39. Step 3: Set budget and bids Example Target Audience Number of Members Example Bid Corporate Executives at Large Enterprises 711,974 $2.81 per click Owners of Small and Medium Size Businesses 497,129 $2.71 per click All LinkedIn Members in the U.S. Over 43 million $2.62 per click Campaign Minimums: $10/day daily budget, $2 minimum CPC bid After you select your target audience, LinkedIn Ads will show you a ‘Suggested Bid Range’
    40. 40. Step 4: Track results and optimize Online campaign management and reporting interface  View reports showing your clicks, impressions, and costs  Compare click-thru-rates of your ad variations
    41. 41. LinkedIn Ads - FAQs•A: Companies in the following industries are seeing success: Software, Internet, Telecommunications, Financial Services,Higher Education, Recruiting, Business Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Event Management.•A: No, certain inventory is allocated to LinkedIn Ads campaigns and these campaigns compete against each other basedon bid and ad quality•A: LinkedIn Ads requires a credit card for billing. At this time, we only provide monthly invoicing to advertisers who meet acertain spending threshold: $3,000 spend per month for 2 consecutive months.•A: Small text ads. You have the option to include an image. Some placements will display the image along with the text.•A: No, certain placements on highly-visible pages are allocated to LinkedIn Ads advertisers and advertisers compete in areal-time auction for those spots.