7 Ways to Leverage SharePoint for Project Management Success


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Best Practices Conference 2009
Washington, DC
August 24, 2009

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7 Ways to Leverage SharePoint for Project Management Success

  1. 1. BUS211   Dux  Raymond  Sy,  PMP  
  2. 2. The  Reality  of  Projects  Today     On  a  sheet  of  paper,  iden0fy  three  challenges   you’ve  faced  in  managing  projects       Swap  this  sheet  of  paper  with  another  person     Edit  their  challenges     Add  your  challenges     Once  completed,  submit  paper  to  Dux  
  3. 3. Presenta4on  Objec4ves     In  this  presenta0on,  you  will  be  able  to:     Leverage  SharePoint  as  a  Project  Management   Informa0on  System  (PMIS)     Centralize  project  ar0facts     Facilitate  efficient  team  collabora0on     Enhance  stakeholder  communica0on     Automate  project  processes     Generate  relevant  reports     Allow  mobile  PMIS  access    
  4. 4.   Dux  Raymond  Sy,  PMP   About  ME…     Managing  Partner,  Innova0ve-­‐e     hOp://www.innova0ve-­‐e.com     Author,  “SharePoint  for  Project   Management”  by  O’Reilly  Media     Contract  Author  &  Instructor,     Learning  Tree  Interna0onal     Connect  with  me   –  E-­‐Mail:  dux.sy@innova0ve-­‐e.com   –  LinkedIn:  meetdux.com/li   –  Blog:  meetdux.com   –  TwiOer:  twiOer.com/meetdux  
  5. 5. Agenda     Challenges  of  Project  Management     Why  SharePoint     7  Ways  to  Leverage  SharePoint  for  PM  Success     Ques0ons  
  6. 6. Courtesy of NicksTrafficTricks.com
  7. 7. PM  Challenges     Lack  of  Standardized  Process     Poor  Communica0ons     Ineffec0ve  Project  Informa0on  Management     Centralized  Repository     Traceability     Access  Privileges     Repor0ng     Inefficient  Team  Collabora0on  
  8. 8. Agenda     Challenges  of  Project  Management     Why  SharePoint     7  Ways  to  Leverage  SharePoint  for  PM  Success     Ques0ons  
  9. 9. What’s  a  PMIS?     Standardized  set  of  automated  PM  tools   integrated  into  a  system       Used  by  the  PM  team  to     Support  the  genera0on  and  maintenance  of   project  ar0facts     Facilitate  communica0on  and  feedback     Monitor  project  ac0vi0es     Control  project  changes     Analyze  and  forecast  project  performance  
  10. 10. What’s  Out  There?     Microso_  SharePoint     Microso_  Project  Server     Clarity     Primavera     Web-­‐based     Google  Team  Site     Basecamp     Zoho  
  11. 11. In  a  Perfect  World     PMIS  should  be  appropriate  to  PM  Maturity,   skill  set  and  exis0ng  tools     Accessible     Traceable     One-­‐stop  shop     Team  collabora0on     Easily  work  with  colleagues     whenever,  wherever,  and  however  
  12. 12. SharePoint  as  a  PMIS     PMs  are  empowered  to  create  a  SharePoint   site  that  serves  as  a  PMIS     IT  interven0on  is  minimal     Based  on  familiar  tools  and    technologies:  Web,   Windows,    Microso_  Office     Access  can  be  limited     Project  ar0facts  can  be  centralized     Communica0ons  can  be  streamlined  
  13. 13. Agenda     Challenges  of  Project  Management     Why  SharePoint     7  Ways  to  Leverage  SharePoint  for  PM  Success     Ques0ons  
  14. 14. #1  Easily  Create  a  PMIS     PMs  can  create  relevant  PMIS     Define  PMIS  components     Enable  stakeholder  access     If  deployed  appropriately,  IT     does  not  have  to  deal  with     Upda0ng  content     Defining  account  privileges     Maintaining  a  document  repository  
  15. 15. #2  Efficiently  Store  Project  Ar4facts     SharePoint  provides  various  tools  to  centralize   and  manage  relevant  project  informa0on     Project  Schedule     Project  Documents     Change  Request     Risk/Issue  Log     Budget  
  16. 16. DEMO   CREATE A SHAREPOINT PMIS In  this  demo,  I’ll  step  through  the  simple   process  of  building  a  SharePoint-­‐based   PMIS.  This  demo  can  also  be  viewed  at:   hOp://go.meetdux.com/x8eu  
  17. 17. #3  Facilitate  BeOer  Collabora4on     Project  informa0on  collabora0on     Maintain  project  ar0facts  in  libraries     Jointly  develop  documents  with  document   workspaces     Team  collabora0on     Requirements  clarifica0on  with  discussion  boards     Ini0ate  and  maintain  mee0ng  ar0facts  with   mee0ng  workspaces     Document  lessons  learned  with  Wikis  
  18. 18. DEMO   FACILITATING TEAM COLLABORATION In  this  demo,  I’ll  show  why  discussion  boards   are  great  for  requirements  clarifica0on  and   mee0ng  workspaces  are  much  more  effec0ve   in  capturing  mee0ng  ar0facts  
  19. 19. #4  Enhance  Communica4on     Right  informa0on  for  the  right  stakeholder  at   the  right  0me     Tasks     Schedule     Reports     Dashboard     Relevant  project  informa0on  access     Appropriate  privileges  can  be  defined  based  on   project  communica0on  needs  
  20. 20. EXAMPLE   PROJECT COMMUNICATIONS Chief  Execu0ve  Officer   Regular  e-­‐mail  updates  on  project  milestones  and   risks   Chief  Financial  Officer   Access  to  project  budget  informa0on   Reviews  and  updates  any  change  to  project   finances   Program  Manager   Reviews  project  tasks,  milestones,  and  risks  
  21. 21. EXAMPLE   PERMISSIONS MATRIX Change Stakeholder Contacts Issues Tasks Calendar Control CEO C R R C R PMO Finance
  22. 22. #5  Automate  Processes     Common  project  workflows     Change  Control     Expense  Reimbursement       SharePoint  workflows  can     be  u0lized  to     Automate  process     Enable  accountability       Provide  traceability  
  23. 23. EXAMPLE   PROJECT CHANGE REQUEST How to Build a Change Request System in SharePoint Demo: http://go.meetdux.com/fqp8
  24. 24. #6  Generate  Relevant  Reports     SharePoint  can  be  used  to  generate  relevant     Interac0ve  summary  of  a  project     Project  tasks  informa0on     Automated  alerts     Dashboards  can  be  created  using  Web  Parts     Red,  Amber,  Green  (RAG)  Status     Key  Performance  Indicators  (KPI)  
  25. 25. EXAMPLE   PROJECT DASHBOARD How to Build a Project Management Dashboard with SharePoint Demo: http://go.meetdux.com/kep5
  26. 26. #7  Enable  Mobile  Access     A  mobile  version  of  a  SharePoint  site  is  created     automa0cally  upon  crea0on  of  a  site     Accessed  via  the  subdirectory  /m/:   hOp://sharepointcafe/m/     Web  pages  are  op0mized     and  formaOed  for  a  mobile  browser     Sec0on  508  compliant  
  27. 27. Agenda     Challenges  of  Project  Management     Why  SharePoint     7  Ways  to  Leverage  SharePoint  for  PM  Success     Ques0ons  
  28. 28. Ques4ons?   E-Mail: dux.sy@innovative-e.com LinkedIn: meetdux.com/li Blog: meetdux.com Twitter: twitter.com/meetdux How did you like the presentation? http://sp.meetdux.com/post_feedback.aspx
  29. 29. Isn’t  SharePoint  Nice?    
  30. 30. SharePoint  is  Nice  Nice  Baby   All  right  stop  collaborate  and  listen     Deadly!  Deploy  WSP     Dux  is  back  with  my  SharePoint  inven0on     Anything  less,  site  templates,  maybe?     Projects,  grabs  a  hold  of  me  0ghtly     Love  it  or  leave  it  workflows  can  be  traced   I  need  Team  Sites  with  Surveys  and  Wikis   BeOer  use  Views  so  Doc  Libs  be  straight   Will  it  ever  stop?  Yo,  I  don't  know     If  there  was  a  problem  SharePoint  solves  it     Changing  permissions  to  and  fro   Check  out  the  hook  BPC  revolves  it     To  the  extreme  I  synchronize  my  calendar     SharePoint  is  nice  nice  baby   Light  up  my  phone,  fire  up  SharePoint  mobile     SharePoint  is  nice  nice  baby   Dance!  Build  dashboards  with  web  parts     SharePoint  is  nice  nice  baby   Receiving  alerts  from  updated  tasks   SharePoint  is  nice  nice  baby     SharePoint  is  nice    
  31. 31. Please  fill  out  your  evalua4on  and     turn  it  in  on  the  back  table!