4 Ways to Overcome Limited SharePoint Expertise


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Presented by Dux Raymond Sy and Mark Miller
Nov 17, 2011

Published in: Technology, Business
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4 Ways to Overcome Limited SharePoint Expertise

  1. 1. 4 Ways to Overcome Limited
 SharePoint Expertise 
 in the Enterprise Dux Raymond Sy Mark Miller Watch Recording: http://vimeo.com/32406651
  2. 2. Presentation Objectives¡  In this presentation, you will learn the 4 ways to overcome limited SharePoint expertise in the enterprise ¡  Identify necessary SharePoint skills to support your organization ¡  Justify the value of hiring full time resources or outsourced providers ¡  Utilize existing resources to maximize the value of SharePoint ¡  Quantify the TCO of out of the box, third-party and custom developed SharePoint solutions @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  3. 3. Meet Mark and Dux mmiller@fpweb.net dux.sy@innovative-e.com @eusp @meetdux @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  4. 4. SharePoint Implementation Continuum Draconian IT Governed Wild Wild West Control Empowerment Chaos @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  5. 5. http://innovative-e.com/5ds @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  6. 6. Where’s SharePoint Superman? “SharePoint is so easy - users will figure it out” “Since you’re the server admin, you’re now the de facto SharePoint guy/gal” “On top of you day job, you can implement SharePoint in 3 months so 5000 of our employees can use it, right?” @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  7. 7. SharePoint IS a Business Platform Public Project Facing Intranet Management Website System SharePoint 2010 @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  8. 8. 1. Educate Decision Makers @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  9. 9. SharePoint Ignorance is Not Bliss¡  Executives ordered SharePoint to be deployed ¡  Do they REALLY understand the value of SharePoint to the organization? ¡  Is the investment realistic?¡  As the enlightened ones, it’s our responsibility to raise executive awareness about SharePoint ¡  Read “5 Reasons Why Executive SharePoint Ignorance is Not Bliss” 
 http://go.meetdux.com/393b @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  10. 10. Justifying SharePoint Investment¡  Understand strategic goals ¡  Business needs vs pain points ¡  Allocated budget ¡  Priorities¡  Resources required to meet business priorities ¡  Technology and Tools ¡  Expertise ¡  Change Management¡  Relevant analysis and planning is key @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  11. 11. 2. Remove IT Bottleneck @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  12. 12. Power to the People¡  Engage with the business up front to get buy-in ¡  That means you would have engaged the users from the get-go ¡  Having them involved from the start will likely contribute to a successful adoption¡  Democratize both business solution development & support ¡  Paradigm shift from traditional IT model¡  Well-defined roles and responsibilities ¡  Defined in your governance strategy @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  13. 13. Example: Site Manager Responsibility¡  Sample governance plan: http://spgur.us/IECSPGov @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  14. 14. Relevant Training¡  Showcase SharePoint solutions, not features ¡  Share case studies ¡  Even better, success of pilot program¡  Group users based on business needs ¡  IT ¡  Business ¡  Executives ¡  Vendors/customers @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  15. 15. Provide Structured Support¡  Self-service support ¡  Create a SharePoint FAQ site for basic how-tos ¡  Include external references for advanced topics ¡  Make sure it’s accessible to the entire user community ¡  Removes most of the support bottleneck¡  Site Manager support¡  IT help-desk support ¡  Create a SharePoint help-desk site ¡  Intended for higher-level support @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  16. 16. 3. Mentor the Business @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  17. 17. Wax On Wax Off @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  18. 18. Guide the Business with their Journey @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  19. 19. Who’s Your SharePoint Business Analyst? IT Business Executives Biz Analyst @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  20. 20. 4. Outsource to Experts @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  21. 21. What’s Your Core Business? @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  22. 22. SharePoint TCO¡  Technology & Tools ¡  Hardware ¡  Software¡  Human Resources ¡  IT ¡  Business¡  Policies and Processes ¡  Governance ¡  Release Management¡  OOB vs Third-Party vs Custom Solutions @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  23. 23. http://fpweb.net @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  24. 24. http://innovative-e.com/easy 
 @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  25. 25. Questions? mmiller@fpweb.net dux.sy@innovative-e.com @eusp @meetdux @eusp @meetdux #SPExpertise
  26. 26. Thank You
for Attending