Building professional narratives

Oct. 24, 2013

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Building professional narratives

  1. Building Career Narratives Meeta Sengupta @meetasengupta A part of this talk was delivered to a WIPRO Leadership group on October 22, 2013 (c) Meeta Sengupta No part of this is to be replicated without permission or attribution
  2. Do stories have names?
  3. Tell me a story... • Your story.. • Or maybe just the punchline..
  4. Was that your Elevator Pitch or Story?
  5. So, What is a story?
  6. What made it a story? Tone Pace Voice Dialogue ... Dramatic Question Characte rs Plot Rhythm Conflict Motivatio n PoV ... Conflict ...
  7. Let me read these to you...
  8. Passage 1 • “Some people climb mountains, one day I may.”
  9. Passage 2 • “Everyday, as a child growing up in the hills, I would look at the snowy mountain peaks and tell myself, ‘One day I will reach the summit’ ”
  10. Before I ask you the real question, very quickly: Do you have anything to say to A or B? Do you have anything to say to A or B?
  11. Why did A engage us less/more than B?
  12. Stories are Sticky • Whether in learning • Or in Selling...
  13. What makes stories enhance learning? • Emotional connect • Nested loops • Personal branding • Flow and rhythm • Glamour and Aspiration
  14. Classically.. • “Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand” • A story is the shortest path to involving the audience in the content.
  15. On that note, a story.. • Mr. Prabhu has been to many training courses and has learnt a lot from them. He is also a very dedicated reader of business books. He is a steady worker at office, and often gets a chance to sit in on senior leadership meetings. • Mr. Prabhu was recently rather upset. He had found out that the COO of the company did not even remember his name, despite having met him a few times and discussed projects. • Mr. Prabhu does not like this situation. What can he do?
  16. Elements of a Career Story Identity Establishing Your Circle Intertwining of Stories Personalise Industry Insights Achievements Against all Odds - Conflict, Struggle, Victory Reason to meet again - this is a serial, not a short story (c) Meeta Sengupta Not to be used without permission or attribution
  17. What of career goals? • Explicit or Implicit? • Career Goals are the reason for telling the story, they are not directly part of the story.. Embed your Goals in your Story
  18. Storifying your goals • Let us ... • Take 3 minutes... • Embed your professional goals in the story of your career goals so far. Maximum 30 seconds to speak Personalise for Resonance
  19. Who cares? • Who cares for your plan? Or your goals? • How do you make them care? • Who is part of your team in the journey to your goals? Build your Story Teams
  20. Pch. Not Enough. • Storifying makes it interesting... • Is that enough for impact? Build Narratives
  21. A Narrative... • A consistent interweaving of stories and evidence over time • The Ramayan. The story of Pakistan. The story of the Indian as IT geek. Narratives are built on consistency
  22. Types of Narratives... • The hero • The victim • The firefighter • The captain • .... The Narrative Feeds the Brand
  23. The Power of the Narrative... • What did Dravid and MSD do differently? • Did their narrative impact their value? Narrative Drives Value
  24. Narrative Building in Action.. • Narendra Modi • Rahul Gandhi Narratives need Substance
  25. Narratives of Leadership • Stories of rescuing the team via thought leadership • Stories of standing up for the welfare of the team without compromising the deliverable • Stories of creating impact for self, company and team • Stories of creating followership in clients and staff
  26. Building Narratives... • Your personal Narratives... • Who builds them • What are the elements • Sustaining the Narrative
  27. Your Narrative... • What do you want to be known to be... • A good leader • A mentor • A team player • A visionary ....... ........ ........
  28. Writing your Epitaph • In memorium to....
  29. Growing into Leadership • From task to ask • From delivery to accountability • From managing people to being an ambassador • From inward looking to outward facing Leaders Tell Stories
  30. Do you have what it takes? • Yes? • No? • Not yet? Find and Fill the Gaps
  31. How would you know? • Johari Window • Peer Review • Positioning Exercise Map to Expectations
  32. Not yet? • Plan for when... • Plan development needs.. • Plan lifelong learning.. Narratives need Curation
  33. Carpenters bend wood, Fletchers bend arrows, Wise men fashion themselves Buddha
  34. The Case of MM, (almost) General Manager • MM has been a project manager for over ten years, and has received glowing reports for the past three years. • She had some difficulties adjusting to a managerial role but has now found her groove • She is being considered for promotion to a General Management position. But is not sure she can make it. • What can MM do?
  35. LLL is about Self Determination • Hierarchies and Beyond • Cognitive Choices • Giving fuel to your Targets Beyond the myth of corporate slavery
  36. Self Determination Personal Vision Stories Sustain Narratives Stories feed Narrative Learning grows Stories Leaders build strong Narratives
  37. You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create your own legend or not -- Isabel Allende -- Isabel Allende
  38. Thank You
  39. @meetasengupta