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Игорь Бондаренко (Neklo) - Организация процесса разработки модулей для Magento


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Meet Magento Russia2015

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Игорь Бондаренко (Neklo) - Организация процесса разработки модулей для Magento

  1. 1. Igor Bondarenko Process organization of the Magento modules development.
  2. 2. About Myself • 10 years in IT • 2 years in Magento Development • Head of Business Development in Neklo
  3. 3. What would I talking about? • How to choose an idea • Selecting a tools • How to prepare a team • Development processes • Advises to developers • QA and Testing • How to release an extension
  4. 4. Assign choosing of ideas to the business development team
  5. 5. After choosing the idea, calculate the economic feasibility of extension development
  6. 6. Do NOT delegate choosing of the idea to developer
  7. 7. The idea is chosen, it's time to start developing. But before you start designing, you must define the tools
  8. 8. Self-developed tools • Mageinstall • Cloud VM Server • “Custom Store” • QA Test Scripts
  9. 9. Available for all tools • VCS • Developer Toolbar • Log Popup • Turn Developer Mode On • Setup Issue Tracker
  10. 10. Formation of the team. Use narrowly skilled professionals.
  11. 11. Working with a team of 2 or more people • Select Team lead • Split Magento Versions • Tasks decomposition • Assign tasks to skilled person
  12. 12. Team of one developer • Start working with minor Magento versions • Develop extension sequentially: • Backend • Admin part • Frontend
  13. 13. How to provide compatibility with third-party extensions?
  14. 14. What should developers team do? • Use integration through events • Do not use Rewrite • Use frontend integration life hacks: • Layout substitution • JS Injection
  15. 15. What should QA team do? • Test on “working” Magento • Test compatibility with top rated extensions • Do NOT test compatibility with all of extensions
  16. 16. • Code Review • Use Code Style • Pair Programming
  17. 17. Testing of extensions
  18. 18. Key points of testing process • Stop development until the end of first QA iteration • Switch project during first iteration of testing • Starting from the second iteration of testing start to work in parallel with the QA team
  19. 19. Test Automation • Tests should be written by QA Team • Don’t use complex frameworks: • Short-term activity • Skilled QA • Negative ROI
  20. 20. What to use for test automation? Use Selenium IDE or SpiderTest: •Powerful test recorder •Testers should not have programming skills •Developers could use any programming language •Lightweight scripts •Easy to attach scripts to defects •Free tools
  21. 21. Ready for release? But don’t you forgot nothing?
  22. 22. Forgot to test readiness for loading in Magento Connect • Build a package • First load and wait for approve, then promote • Test installation file per file
  23. 23. Key success factors • Perform business analysis • Using high-quality and thoughtful tools • Using narrowly skilled professionals • Don’t forgot testing
  24. 24. Thank you for attention! Skype: igor.bondarenko1 E-mail: