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Occ sci component 1 presentation


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Occ sci component 1 presentation

  1. 1. Student:Being a student is part of my identity because it is one of my roles that I participate in daily andit is a role that I have been in for a number of years. This includes studying and socialising withclass
  2. 2. Fitness:Fitness is part of my ‘do’ concept as it is important to me because doing exercise is away that I can balance out my busy student life and it is also a way of keeping fit.
  3. 3. Brother:‘Being’ a brother is an important occupation to me and is apart of my occupational identity,because I have to be a role model to my younger brother. This means that I have a lot ofresponsibility showing him right from wrong.
  4. 4. Occupational therapy identity:This is important to me because this gives me a sense of ‘becoming’. I hope to become aprofessional occupational therapist after my studies, where it will enable me to helppeople in their
  5. 5. Soccer is an occupation that I like to engage in because it gives me a sense of‘belonging’. I play soccer to keep in shape as well as to be a part of a group thatshare the same interest in an occupation.Soccer:
  6. 6. Socialising:Socialising is an occupation that is very important to me as it is the ‘belonging’ conceptof my occupational identity. I like spending time with friends and family as well asmeeting new people.
  7. 7. Travelling:This is something that I enjoy doing, I like travelling because it gives me the chance tomeet new people and see new places as well as experience new cultures.
  8. 8. Literacy mentor:This is an occupation that I used to do in the past. I enjoyed being a literacy mentor because itgive me the sense that I was helping some one
  9. 9. AthleticsThis was an occupation that was important to me when I was younger as I used toparticipate in events such as the 800m. I do not participate athletics anymore as I donot have enough time due to other
  10. 10. Reading:Reading is an occupation that I enjoy doing as it allows me to increase my knowledge andit also helps me to relax after a long day.
  11. 11.